What is a technology stack?

by Abbey banji

Technical Stack. Not every product is absolutely compatible with other products. Take, for example, an iPhone and an Android gadget. You can’t just pick up and use a cord to plug or charge a device, you have to use special plugs that fit the smartphone connector. The exact same example can be given with food. There are foods that are compatible with each other and foods that are completely incompatible, like cotton candy and veal steak together on the same plate.

Exactly the same principles are used in the technology stack for web development. If you don’t think about it at all, you can later completely confuse your team.



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So, what about our notorious stack?

Our article will give you an idea of the subject, even if you’ve never heard anything about it. Let’s take our minds off our worries and get started.

A technology stack is essentially a pile of programs and platforms that, when working together, provide one specific universal application for a company. They are arranged in a particular mesh structure that looks schematically like a stack (e.g., books). Down from the top comes the information, that is, it is vertical integration. The technology stack consists of frames and programming lingoes, all of which depend on your operating platform and the browser you’re using. The success of any IT product is directly dependent on the right tools to create it. This set of tools is named the technological stack. The specifics of development, its cost, complexity, and duration depend on it.

Technology stacks combine technology outputs and resources that work together to create or complete a program, project, or task. For instance, Facebook’s social network is built on a combination of frameworks and coding languages, involving JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, and ReactJS. Examples like this abound when developing similar products. Another popular combination might include, for example, WordPress, Twilio, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Instapage and Sprout Social.

Each of these frames, languages, and programs operate together to build a technology stack. The phrase “technology stack” originated in the software development community and was long used exclusively in that business, but then became popular in other areas and now includes sales, marketing, and other areas. You can also check out Bet winner technology

Technology stacks differ from each other. There are many combinations of stacks, where some cooperate well with each other and others refuse to exchange data with each other entirely. Regardless of the business area, though, a unique technology stack can be created for each company. Today’s technology stacks can include many tools, depending on the scope of work and data volume. Those interested in programming can explore the most popular ones, such as MERN, MEAN, LAMP, Serverless Stack, MEVN and Flutter, to get a general idea of how it works.

Why do you need to plan the technology stack?

You have to plan your technology stack so that:

  • Implementation of new programs doesn’t take too long;
  • The team works without interruptions or delays;
  • Constant testing of new software doesn’t drive up costs.

Software should be created and selected individually to the needs of the business, otherwise there will be a lot of confusion and unnecessary actions. This is why it is advisable to plan the technological stack in advance, because, working together, they will ensure the most productive work of the team. In order to properly organize all the technological processes of the company, it is worth turning to professionals, because this is a very responsible moment. How the system is configured and what tools are used directly depends on all the work of the company and its income.

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