200 GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 card, REVIEW: Premium Edition

by Abbey banji
200 GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 card, REVIEW: Premium Edition 18
200 GB SanDisk Ultra

    The memory card of SanDisk Series Ultra – a kind of flagship cards microSD. At the moment, it is the only card available,that has a volume of 200 GB.The new SanDisk Ultra supports data transmission at high speed UHS-I bus for fast exchange with PC and streaming high-resolution video. In this review we will tell about the new card tests in various conditions such as price,specifications,packing equipment, actual capacity, Synthetic tests and Analytical Tests.

    Specifications SanDisk Ultra UHS-1 200 GB (SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A)

  • Format: microSDXC
  • Nominal capacity: 200 GB
  • Actual size: 183.3 GB
  • Bus data exchange: UHS-I
  • Speed ​​class: UHS Speed ​​Class 1 / Class 10
  • Read Speed: up to 90 MB / s
  • Recording speed: at least 10 MB / s

 Price and availability:

 The 200 GB SD CARD  is available for sale for $219.44 at Amazon right now.
Check out this link to buy one AMAZON
If you don’t have access to the Amazon store in your country or region, you can visit this link here

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Packaging equipment: 

Although, at this point, the memory card is unique, it is packaged in a conventional plastic blister which in turn is placed inside a cardboard envelope. 
200 GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 card, REVIEW: Premium Edition 19
200 GB SanDisk Ultra package

The volume and the technology used:

Despite the fact that 200 GB was written on the package, the actual amount of storage available for the user for  data record is 183.3 GB. On the back of the card packaging it was written to inform the user that one gigabyte is equals to one trillion bytes. But the users of the two hundred trillion bytes (200GB) user will not get the same: starting that “the real storage volume is less.” As a result, the amount of available memory storage is just 183.3 GB, or about 196.8 trillion bytes. We are already aware of this, but you will agree with me that  losing almost 17 GB of storage – is not a nice development. But unfortunately, this practice has long been a standard for all manufacturers of memory cards.
The SanDisk Ultra used O interconnect UHS-I, and high-speed memory card class is defined as UHS Speed ​​Class 1 device supporting UHS-I, and Class 10 for devices without it. According to the standard, it must provide a minimum recording speed of 10 MB / s and read speeds of up to 90 MB / s.

Synthetic tests:

To verify the Transfer rate, we decided to use a popular pc program (synthetic test CrystalDiskMark). The program shows the speed of linear reading and writing. The Speed of our memory card SanDisk Ultra, according to the application is 82.83 MB / s. which is just a little bit Slightly lower than stated, but therein lies the same trick used in specifying the volume of all sdcards.

Analytical Tests:

We  test our 200 GB SanDisk with a file volume of 15.7 GB, which took 18 minutes 4 seconds. It is easy to calculate that the average speed record in this case was 15.6 MB / s. In this and subsequent tests, we took the file size in bytes and translates it into megabytes given the fact that one megabyte equals one million bytes, because, as mentioned above, these are the proportions used in standard SD.


For common tasks, such as recording Full HD video and professional photography, the storage of this card is more than enough. If you are not bother by the price and can afford it. The SanDisk Ultra can be used in smartphone or tablet: the size of the memory card is enough to store a complete video library in your phone, not to mention the possibility of moving large photos and videos to your computer, if you shoot and record a lot. In Nigeria and other regions, the SanDisk Ultra UHS-I 200 GB is not yet available for sale in local stores, and the  prices abroad is now $ 213 (#45,000  at the current rate). It is a lot, but we are essentially dealing with a unique thing, and for professionals who know the value of quality work tool, it is unlikely to be a problem.


  • the maximum storage available for a  microSD card (for now);
  • Support modern standard UHS-I;
  • High-speed read and write.


  • the real volume is less than indicated on the card itself. 

200 GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 card, REVIEW: Premium Edition 20

200 GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 card, REVIEW: Premium Edition 21

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