iPhone 6 Review, impressions and personal opinions.

by Abbey banji
iPhone 6 Review, impressions and personal opinions. 9

Impressions from the iPhone 6

I will  go directly to a listing of pros and cons of iPhone 6 .


This  are  the Impressions from the iPhone 6 that i   Liked:

Lovely  Design

    I  like the slim design and the fact that the phone is very light too . The  Compactness of the iphone 6 makes it feel unique together with the  Excellent design  front panel and ends.


  it has very loud and high-quality speaker, which gives even bass.

Excellent sound  quality headphones. Volume with a large margin, and compared with the iPhone 5s new iPhone markedly increased in the low frequencies.

The volume and quality in the earpiece/headphones are also very good.


  Excellent color rendering, maximum viewing angles. Beautiful white and black very good.


  The battery capacity of 1810mAh allows iPhone 6  to work in heavy-duty use and until late at night on average. Compared with iPhone 5s increase in autonomy from 15% to 30% depending on the usage scenario. On average, while the screen is 6-7 hours (in the case of iPhone 6 Plus I was getting 8-9 hours of screen).

YouTube (1 hr., Brightness 50%, 15% sat) Hours 7:00 operation screen (iPhone 6 Plus – 9 hours).

Gaming test

   (gaming test, 100% brightness) 3 hours 30 minutes of work screen

But on (iPhone 6 Plus – 4:00 40 minutes).

100% – 0:20

70% – 1:30

46% – 2:20

30% – 3:00

16% – 3:20

1% – 3:50


Interface & Graphics:

 I haven’t noticed any  Lags in the interface although compare to the  iPhone 6 Plus, all application works quickly. 3D performance is very good. Taking into account the screen resolution of the iPhone 6 it makes 3D games more faster than the  iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 .


 Good photographs in any shooting conditions. In good light shoots, as well as the iPhone 6 Plus . When bad light and middle shoots better than the iPhone 5s, but a little worse than the iPhone 6 Plus (less detail and more blurry shots due to the lack of optical stabilization). Very fast auto-focus. Excellent video recording  without any jerks.


 There is good  quality of cellular signal reception, and I don’t use  Wi-Fi. GPS satellites  is also very fast.


Impressions from the iPhone 6  I don’t   like:

iOS 8.1

 There are still bugs on IOS 8, but compared to the iPhone 6 Plus is noticeably smaller. It is  noticeable in some applications, but  there are no freezes or  reboots .There are no problems with the interface when in  zoomed mode, Many  applications that are not optimized to fit iPhone 6, so many of them have crisp/bad fonts.

I Don’t  like the  Strips on the back of the iPhone 6 they don’t look very good, Even more distressing is that they stick out a little bit making the phone a little uncomfortable.

Personal  Opinion:

I do not recommend you to change your  iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus . It is better for you to purchase a power bank , if the battery is not enough, but  I would recommend  you to change to the iPhone 6.

Besides  I will not recommend you to buy the 128GB version  of the phone  6 or  iPhone 6 plus because, of the common problems with the internal  memory ( You can search online to confirm ). Apple is rumored to have been trying to lower their cost by  not putting  very high quality memory in the iPhone 6, and in the next batch of iphones.  Apple plan  to switch to another  memory type known as  MLC NAND.

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