All blackberry z10 Autoloader Collections And Download Links

by Abbey banji
All blackberry z10 Autoloader Collections And Download Links 9

Hi guys, I have search around the web and I found some blackberry Z10 autoloader files. All thanks to JSanders  the original creator of the thread on the Blackberry Forum. I Am Only Making use of part of  his work and download links.  馃榾

Using the Autoloader to Upgrade Your  z10 and other Bb10 devices is very useful, if you want to  completely wipe and have a new OS installed. This process will also return your blackberry to factory default.

(there is also a good illustrated
step by step located here.)
If you are not experiencing device
issues, and need to upgrade with a less-invasive OS install (you don’t need a
device wipe and don’t want to overwrite your settings and data), use this
method described here:  Upgrading BB10 OS Using  Sachesi

  • These directions apply to Blackberry  Z10
    Only, but the procedure is still the same for other BB10 devices such
    as (Z30, Z3, Q10 and Q5 models.)
Check your Model Number at Settings
> About > Model Number
, and make sure you download the corresponding
file below!
 For Blackberry z10    10.3. Autoloaders files You can download it
from here
BlackBerry 10.3.0 STL100-1 Autoloader  version 
Direct download  link here
BlackBerry 10.3.0 STL100-2 Autoloader  version 
Direct Download link  here
BlackBerry 10.3.0 STL100-3 Autoloader version  
Direct Download Link here
BlackBerry 10.3.0 STL100-4 Autoloader  version  Direct  Download 
Link here
10.2.1 files
(OS and have
been officially released by BlackBerry and most carriers
have begun to roll it out to users.)
Software version
For Z10 model STL100-1: Download Download  file here
For Z10 models STL100-2, -3: Download  file here
  For Z10 model
STL100-4: Download  file here
Software version
For Z10 model STL100-1: Download Download  file here
For Z10 models STL100-2, -3: Download  file here
  For Z10 model
STL100-4: Download  file here
Software version
For Z10 model STL100-1: Download Download  file here
  For Z10 models
STL100-2, -3, -4: Download  file here
Software version 
For Z10 model STL100-1: Download Download  file here.
For Z10 models STL100-2, -3: Download file here.
  For Z10 models
STL100-4: Download  file here.
Software version (same as OS version
For Z10 model STL100-1: Download Download file here
  For Z10 models
STL100-2, -3, -4: Download file here
version (same as OS version
For Z10 models STL100-1,
2, -3, -4: Download file here
10.2.0 files
For Z10 model STL100-1: Download the
OS files
  For Z10 models
STL100-2, -3, -4: Download the OS files here.
10.1 files
(OS and have
been officially released by BlackBerry and the carriers
around the world are beginning to roll it out to users.)
  • For Z10 models
    100-1, -2, -3, -4: Download the OS file here
  • For Z10 models
    100-1: Download the OS file here
  • For Z10 models
    100-2, -3, -4: Download the OS file here
  • For Z10 models
    100-2, -3, -4: Download the OS file here
Remember, this process will totally
wipe your device, so the backup is important.
  1. Download the file above to a Windows PC. Extract it
    from the ZIP file if it is zipped. If it is a “.rar” file, you
    will need a WinRar unpacking app on your PC to extract the
  2. Connect your BlackBerry to the PC. Using Link, do
    backup* (see below) of your phone.
  3. Locate the downloaded file and run the autoloader
    (double click on the EXE file) and a black DOS window appears indicating
    “Connecting to bootrom”. The DOS window processes the install,
    and begins to load the OS. If you have a security passwored, you will be
    asked to enter it.
  4. When the OS loading is complete, your Z10 will reboot.
    Disconnect from the PC, and the device will startup.
  5. Optional but recommended: Wipe your device at your Settings > Security >
    Security Wipe. This can take 30 mins to an hour.
  6. Go through the required device setup of connecting to
    WiFi, Agreements, enter your BlackBerryID, and Get Acquainted screens.
  7. Reconnect to the PC and perform your restore using
    BlackBerry Link.
  8. Now, you will need to re-enter account passwords for
    email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Backup Notes: When you backup using Link, you can make one total
backup, or divide that backup into three different databases (Setup | Media |
App Data). I always break that backup into the three different databases so
that I can restore each separately because I have had some issues with a full
restore failing in the App database restore, so then I can safely restore only
Settings and Media.
Remember, this process does totally
wipe your device, so the backup is important.
about two hours time for the process… performing the backup and restore takes
the longest part of the time and will vary according to the amount of data and
apps on your BlackBerry.

If  Your Upgraded device lag, heat, fast battery discharge:  After any
OS upgrade on a BB10 device, it will take 48-72 hours for the device data
syncing of email, contacts, social apps, etc., to complete and finish. High
data transfer after an upgrade cause high processor use, which in turn causes
high battery usage, which in turn can cause higher than nornal heat from the
device. Likewise, high processor use will cause some lag and initial slowness.
Ignore and and be patient. It can take the 48 hours for all contacts to sync
back to the device. Connect to a good WiFi source and relax. The battery will
recover after a few days and you’ll see normal battery usage again. Just don’t
drain your battery to 10% or less each time, top off the charge. You’ll notice
a difference after a couple days.
That said, it’s relatively easy to
do and your device will love it.

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abdallah babikir August 7, 2015 - 4:39 pm

thank you alot

abbey banji August 11, 2015 - 10:31 pm

馃檪 U welcome bro

pankaj September 1, 2015 - 7:51 am

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Shanu Baba February 1, 2016 - 7:50 am Reply
MOHAMMED FAVAZ July 19, 2016 - 10:44 pm

How to find os version of z10 shows BB10-0015 Error .the phone is stuck at booting 鈥 .I used some autoloader but those are shows "os version is blocked". Please help me to find its os version..

weblogger August 31, 2016 - 7:44 pm

My blackberry z10 is not opening. Any apps again after installing the updated android runtime on it what can I do

abbey banji September 1, 2016 - 3:23 pm

Try deleting the android runtime.apk and see if that will solve the problem. If that doesn't work you will need to download the autoloader and flash your phone.

Unknown June 26, 2017 - 4:27 pm

i have reloaded my bb z10yet it wont boot…it keeps restarting ….what can i do????

kaldakjb September 25, 2019 - 12:35 pm

bonsoir s'il vous plait j'ai mon BlackBerry Z10 STL100-3 qui est bloqu茅 sur le logo je ne sais pas comment je suis all茅 jusqu'脿 t茅l茅charger 10 autochargeur il a refus茅 de prendre, s'il vous pla卯t.


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