Downloader Codes to Install Android Apps on Fire TV Stick

by Solomon
Downloader Codes to Install Android Apps on Fire TV Stick

Best Downloader Codes to Download Android Apps and Programs to Fire TV Stick Fast. Here are the best codes to install apps on Fire TV Stick

Downloader Codes to Install Android Apps on Fire TV Stick

Downloader Codes to Install Android Apps on Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick Downloader Codes


And here we are with a new super guide dedicated to wapzola readers . Today in particular we are going to see what are the best codes to enter in the Downloader app to download the best Android apps directly on Fire TV Stick .

Before proceeding, let’s clarify things a little.

What are Fire TV Stick Downloader codes for?

As you well know, the Fire TV Stick does not have access to the Android Play Store , despite being compatible with Android apps in APK format .

It is therefore possible to install files in APK format on Fire TV Stick , but the procedure is a bit inconvenient and requires switching from an Android smartphone , from which you need to send the APK file to the Fire TV Stick. Nothing too complicated, but let’s say that less experienced users may encounter some problems while carrying out this procedure.

Fortunately, the Fire TV Stick offers native support for some programs that make downloading and installing APK programs on the stick itself easier and faster and one of these is certainly the Downloader program.

The Downloader app for Fire TV Stick

This program, as the name suggests, allows you to download files to Fire TV Stick simply by pasting their address into the app. So just enter a certain URL in the Downloader app to download any file (not just APK) to Fire TV Stick.

It is a truly convenient software, which allows you to download any file onto the flash drive in an extremely convenient and fast way.

But what are these Downloader codes for?

These Downloader codes for Fire TV Stick actually make life even easier for anyone who wants to download apps in APK format to the stick.

Instead of a long URL to be entered by hand, in fact, just type one of these codes into the Downloader app to directly start downloading the corresponding file.

These numerical codes are nothing more than “shortened URLs” that allow you to download apps and programs on Fire TV Stick even faster and in fewer steps.

Is everything clear now? Simply search for the app you are interested in and enter the corresponding code in the Downloader app to download the program to your Fire TV Stick in a second. Seeing is believing!

Downloader Codes to Install Android Apps on Fire TV Stick

Here is the complete and updated list with all the best apps that cannot be missing from your flash drive, ready to be downloaded from the Downloader app:

Cinema HD (movies and shows): 817515

Tea TV (Movies & Shows) : 675884

FilmPlus (Movies and Shows) : 607344

Bee TV (Movies & Shows) : 495683

CyberFlix TV (Movies & Shows) : 60653

Nova TV (Movies and shows) : 13435

Megabox HD (Movies & Shows) : 801637

MediaBox HD (Movies and Shows) : 300655

Cuco TV (Movies and Shows) : 733069

Crackle (Movies & Shows) : 970976

Syncler (Movies & Shows) : 88306

MagellanTV (Movies & Shows) : 938332

Rokkr (All in One) : 35861

Viva TV (Films and shows) : 82927

Morpheus TV (Movies and Shows) : 30504

OneBox HD (Movies & Shows) : 352419

Media Lounge (All in one) : 870035

Strix (Movies & Shows) : 943431

Kodi (All in One Media Player) : 35625

Ocean Streamz (All in One) : 99317

MX Player (Media Player) : 217338

MX Player PRO (Media Player): 72815

Mouse Toggle (Utility Tool) : 554401

HD Streamz (Live TV) : 59792

Live Net TV (live TV): 97814

Redbox TV (live TV): 73494

HDTV Ultimate (Live TV): 32791

Ola TV (Live TV): 120207

Turkish App UK (All in one) : 94717

APKTime (Side-Loading App) : 72892

Aptoide TV (App Store) : 48157

SmartTube Next (YT Adblock) : 872957

Unlinked (File sharing app) : 50243

Connected (File Sharing App) : 89091


FileSynced (File Sharing App) : 27642

Aurora Store (App Store): 667854

Ludio Player (Media Player) : 630999

Wolf Launcher (Custom Launcher) : 918428

USTVGO (browser-based live TV): 83672

CatMouse (Movies and TV Series) : 979832

Wuffy Player (Media Player) : 378211

Swift Streamz (Live TV) : 704096

RedBox TV (Live TV): 962590

Kraken TV (Live TV/Movie) : 282516

TVTap Pro (Live TV) : 258728

AOS TV (Live TV): 652057

Oreo TV (Live TV) : 517118

Weyd (Movies/TV Shows) : 186565

Stremio (Media Center) : 71893

iMPlayer (IPTV player) : 314688

TV tubes (movies/TV shows) : 824841

ES File Explorer (File Manager) : 963572

HDO (movies/TV shows) : 851799

Puffin (Web browser): 234835

Fast Task Killer (Task Manager) : 435347

SpeedTest (Internet speed tester): 250153

Blokada (AdBlocker) : 46288

SD Maid Pro (Cleaning APP) : 335193

Adguard (block ads) : 922558

AZ Recorder (Screen Recorder) : 549975

Vavoo (Media Centre) : 706654

BBC iPlayer (Entertainment) : 952065

VLC Player (Video Player) : 631680

Mouse Toggle (virtual mouse cursor) : 796368

Rapid Streamz (Live TV) : 179327

Flix Vision (Movies, TV Shows) : 623100

TiviMate (Video Player) : 177022

All clear? Have you seen how easy it is to install your favorite apps on the Amazon stick this way ?

Don’t have the Downloader app on your Fire TV Stick?

No problem. This fantastic program is available for free on the Amazon App Store. To download it, therefore, follow these very simple and quick steps:

  • Step 1:  Go to the home page of your Fire TV Stick and click on the  Search button
  • Step 2:  Type the name of the Downloader app and click on “  App Downloader”
  • Step 3: The “ Downloader”  app should now appear 
  • Step 4:  Click on the Downloader app and then on the  “Download for free” button  .
  • Step 5:  Once the download is complete, the app will be automatically installed on your Fire TV Stick and you will find it along with the other apps

Simple and fast.

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