How to enable extensions on Microsoft Edge for Android

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Microsoft Edge extensions for Android

How to install and activate Chrome extensions on the Microsoft Edge internet browser for Android . Browser with Chrome extension support for Android

Microsoft Edge extensions for Android

Microsoft Edge extensions for Android

Microsoft Edge extensions for Android


Big news arrives for all Android users : surprisingly, in fact, it has been announced that the Microsoft Edge browser will support Chrome extensions (or rather, those developed for Chromium ).

Indeed, to tell the truth, the function is already available today.

This basically means that from today we can install and activate all (actually not all) of the extensions that we normally use on Chrome for PC and Mac also on Android , thanks to the Microsoft Edge browser .

Why is this news so important?

Simple: because it brings the mobile experience closer to the desktop one and allows us to make the most of the browser even from smartphones and tablets , especially if we consider the many extensions that we have available today.

Thanks to the avalanche of extensions available for Chromium (and therefore also for Microsoft Edge ), we will be able to add many incredible features to our smartphone browser, exactly as we do on Windows PCs and Macs.

Just to name a few, popular extensions like Dark Reader, Global Speed ​​and uBlock Origin are already fully compatible with Microsoft Edge for Android. And many more will arrive soon.

How to enable extensions on Microsoft Edge for Android

Extension support  is currently in testing on the Canary version and they are not enabled by default, but you can enable them manually.

Microsoft is working to make the feature publicly available, although it will likely take several more weeks. 

Anyway, if you want to activate extensions on Microsoft Edge for Android , what you need to do :

  1. Download Edge Canary from HERE
  2. Start the program and go to this address  edge://flags/#edge-extensions-android , which will allow you to enable the extensions item in the Edge drop-down menu
  3. Restart your browser
  4. Select the extensions you are interested in from the list and add them
  5. Enjoy extensions on Microsoft Edge for Android

ATTENTION : the command for choosing extensions to install in Edge for Android may not appear immediately. It seems that Microsoft is gradually activating this possibility for those who enable the flag seen previously.

What other Android browsers support Chromium extensions?

At the moment we have:

  • Kiwi Browser
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Incredible but true, Chrome is missing. Let’s just hope that sooner or later the extensions will also arrive on Chrome for Android.


Here’s how to install any extension on Edge for Android

Now you can install any extension for Edge on Android: the procedure is a bit cumbersome but it’s worth it!

Install Edge Canary

First, you need to use the  Canary version  of  Microsoft Edge  for Android, which you can  download from here .

This is a test version of the browser that updates very frequently and may have bugs  ,  so it is not suitable for  everyday use.

How to install extensions

  • Enable the Android Extension flag

Start  Edge Canary  and at the top type this URL in the address field: Edge://flags

Search for Android Extension in the search space at the top  , then tap the drop-down menu under the relevant entry and tap Enabled .

Now tap the blue Restart button at the bottom to restart the browser. 

  • Enable developer options

Now tap the icon with three horizontal lines at the bottom right and tap Settings.

Then tap the  About Microsoft Edge item at the bottom,  and on the next screen, tap   the version name at the bottom five times ( Edge Canary 125.x.xxxx.x ).

You will see a message confirming  Developer options enabled .

  • Install extensions

Tap the arrow at the top left, scroll down, and tap  Developer Options . Locate the  Extension install by id entry  and tap it.


You will be asked for  the ID of an extension , which you will need to retrieve.

Then go to the  Microsoft Edge extensions site and locate an extension you’re interested in using.

Let’s try Keepa for example  ,  to monitor prices on Amazon

Open the extension page and you will need to copy the  long string of text  at the end of the URL. For Keepa it is this: ejefaeioamebhekmfaclajddbpnnobje

To do this, tap the address bar and then tap the  pencil icon underneath.

Now touch and hold  the address,  then operate the  handles  by sliding the left one to the “slash” (/) and the right one to the end.

Then tap the  Copy button. 

Now go back to the  Edge Settings page  and paste the string into the  Extension install by id field  by tapping and holding the empty field. On vibration, tap the  Paste button.

Now tap  OK  and the extension will be installed.

The procedure is not very simple, but it works for the moment, even if we look forward to the possibility of installing the extensions with a touch like on a PC , which will surely arrive soon.


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