What is the Ai Pin?

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Ai Pin

Want to know what the Ai Pin is? Here we have summarized all the important information for you.

A new technology gadget is supposed to set the smartphone apart in the long term: The Ai Pin from Humane, a company founded by two former Apple employees.

The Ai Pin is a type of electronic brooch that you can attach to your clothes. The device is equipped with a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) on various topics and has all the usual smartphone functions. However, the Ai Pin does not have a screen, but works mostly via voice commands. In addition, no external apps can be installed, because all essential functions are covered by the AI.

The AI Pin consists of two components. At the front is a computer element that has a camera with microphone, as well as a speaker and a touchpad. A battery pack, the so-called Battery Booster, is attached to the back via a magnet. This works like a kind of power bank that charges the inner battery of the Ai Pin. This ensures that your pin has enough charge throughout the day. It is noticeable that the device does not have a screen. Information is contained either through the speakers or a projection directly into the palm of your hand.

At the top of the AiPin is the so-called Trust Light. This signals to you that the sensors of your pin have been activated and are recording data from the environment. This can be the case, for example, if the microphone has been activated. This lamp cannot be turned off or manipulated either. Once the device has been opened or otherwise physically altered, it must first be restored to an approved workshop. This ensures that the Ai Pin does not always listen in or record everything. The pin is therefore not permanently active, but an activity must first be triggered by a signal such as touch or voice. In addition to the Trust Light, there is another light on the pin: The Beacon is a notification lamp that lights up when a new message or message has been received.

The Ai Pin offers you a variety of functions. The special thing is that you don’t need to download any apps on the device. It’s all about the AI experience. The device automatically selects the appropriate artificial intelligence from a large number of AIs. You can also enter personal information so that the AI is tailored to you. All data stored in the Ai Pin can be easily accessed and managed in the browser via the center interface.

Other functions include making calls and sending and receiving messages. The “Catch up” function, which summarizes the most important information from received messages and e-mails, is particularly practical here. This allows you to contain all the important data from a large number of unread messages in a short period of time without having to call up all of them individually. It is also possible to record videos and photos – simply with a double-tap gesture. This ensures that you can really take the pictures at the desired moment. In addition, the camera can recognize and identify objects. The Ai Pin can play sounds either from its own speaker or via connected Bluetooth headphones. This allows you to listen to your favorite music, which has also been enhanced with an AI through the Tidal service. In addition, the device has automatic speech recognition. Your pin can identify the language in which something was said and directly output a translation if needed. The input and output languages are directly adapted by the corresponding AI. However, you can also set them manually.

Another feature is the “Health & Nutrition” area. For example, the built-in camera can detect food. On request, the device tells you, for example, how many calories or proteins it contains. You can have foods such as fruit captured by the camera and then note that you have eaten them. In this way, you can keep track of your eating and eating habits and possibly improve your diet as well.

Gestures in the AiPin

By projecting into the palm of your hand, you can call up information that may need a graphical interface after all. You can then communicate with your device via hand gestures: Here, for example, you can see a gesture with which you can pause music.

(Image: Humane: AiPin)

The Ai Pin is available in three different colors and has been available for pre-order by customers in the U.S. since November 16. Delivery will take place from 2024. It is not yet known when an order will be possible for customers from Europe and the rest of the world. The current price is just under 700 dollars for a set. In addition to the Ai Pin itself, this set includes 2 Battery Boosters, as well as a charging cable and a wireless charging station. A charge case for mobile charging is also included. In addition, there is a monthly subscription fee of 24 dollars. This fee includes all AI services as well as the cloud and a mobile connection.

As described in the previous section, the Ai Pin’s starter package already includes some accessories. Nevertheless, other accessories can be purchased. These include, for example, two different backs that can be attached to the back of the Ai Pin instead of the Battery Booster. One back is equipped with a rotating clip so that you can attach the pin to other objects such as handbags. The other back is a lightweight adapter. This is designed so that you can also attach the Ai Pin to delicate textiles, such as silk blouses. Also, you can buy outer shells in different colors. These protect your Ai Pin. However, the front of the pin remains free. In addition, you can also buy the charge case, which allows you to charge the pin and a battery booster on the go. However, this is already included in the basic set.

AiPin Accessories

In addition to the included battery pack, you can purchase other attachments and clips as paid accessories for your AiPin.

(Image: Humane: AiPin – Tech Details)


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