Send Faxes Online for FREE: the BEST Updated Sites

by James

Send free faxes via the web without a phone line: I’ll explain how to do it. How to send faxes online for free? Find out HERE! How to send a fax from your PC for free

Free online fax

New SUPER article for readers, especially for those who need to send faxes online, maybe for free and without spending money.

As you may have guessed from the title, in this post we are going to see which the best working services are to send faxes online for free, without the need to have a physical fax machine at home or in the office.

After all, in 2022 and with all the new technology at our disposal (such as PEC), there are very few people who have a fax at hand, which is why services of this type come in handy, which allow you to send faxes online (free or paid) quickly and easily.

Of course, I am well aware that it is possible to send faxes by going to a tobacconist and stationery shop, but it would waste a lot of time, not forgetting that we may have to send a fax in the evening or on weekends, when these shops may be closed.

That’s why all those services and websites that allow you to send faxes online, free of charge and in a few clicks, directly from your PC or smartphone, come in handy.

If you also need to send a fax and want to do it all online, in a few simple steps, I am sure that these services will come in very handy, since they will give you the opportunity to send faxes to anyone, all over the world, for free and in a few steps.

But let’s not get lost in small talk, let’s see what are the best services that I would like to recommend!

Send Faxes Online for FREE: the BEST Updated Sites

Here are the best services of 2022 to send faxes online, from PC, Mac or smartphone.

1. HelloFax

There is a daily limit on the number of faxes that can be sent with this service, and it is a maximum of 5 per day. On the other hand, there are no restrictions for the countries where the document can be sent. You can send the fax all over the world.

If we also want to receive faxes with Hello Fax, however, we must subscribe to a paid plan.

2. EnvelopeWithoutLetter

Service very similar to the others, it requires free registration to work. It is active 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

This service also offers:

  • possibility to send only single faxes and only to Italian numbers, including toll-free numbers 800
  • Only PDF, JPG or PNG files are accepted for up to 10 pages per fax
  • Up to 10 delivery attempts will be made for each fax sent

3. Fax.Plus

It allows users to securely send and receive faxes without the need for a fax machine, fax modem, or even a desk phone. All sent and received faxes can be accessed via cloud storage.


The free plan is limited to a maximum of 10 pages per month to be sent. The cost for each additional page is 0.20 USD. The free option does not allow you to receive faxes and does not have a dedicated fax number.

Do you know of any other services to send faxes online for free?

Let us know about them using the comments at the end of the article!


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