Does HDMI transmit sound?

by James

Does the HDMI cable transmit the sound in addition to the image? We explain it to you here.

In addition to devices such as DVD or Blu-Ray players, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, for example, can also be connected to the TV via HDMI. This will transfer the image to the disks. But does it work with sound? We explain it to you here.

The short answer: Yes, HDMI cables also transmit sound. HDMI is the abbreviation for “High Definition Multimedia Interface”. So, the HDMI port is the interface between devices for audio and video playback. This allows high-resolution video content as well as multi-channel audio to be transmitted over a single cable. The HDMI interface can also connect devices such as laptops, TVs, Blu-ray players, DVD players, game consoles, and other multimedia devices, so that both image and sound are transmitted between the connected devices.

Older analog audio connections, such as speakers, could experience issues such as signal loss and interference. HDMI ports, on the other hand, ensure lossless transmission of high-resolution audio. HDMI supports multi-channel audio formats such as Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, which ensure optimal surround sound.

HDMI cables play an important role in the transmission of sound. Often, cheap cables are just as good in quality as more expensive HDMI cables. You can distinguish between different cable types: The standard HDMI cable is ideal for transmitting HD video signals and standard audio formats such as stereo or Dolby Digital. This type transmits 1,782GBit/s and has the classic HDMI connector. The high-speed HDMI cable transmits 8.16 GBit/s and can have a classic plug or mini HDMI. However, the quality of the sound is the same for both HDMI cables. Only the quality of the image is higher with the high-speed HDMI cable, because it also transmits Full HD in 3D and Deep Color.

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