Lock your mobile phone with IMEI – is it possible?

by James

You can find out what you can do with the IMEI number if your mobile phone has been stolen here.

If your smartphone has been stolen, you should lock it as soon as possible so that the thief does not also get hold of important data. In Android and iOS, there are now functions that allow you to locate and lock your mobile phone. But if that doesn’t work, the IMEI may be able to help. In this tip, you can find out what these are, how you can use them and what restrictions there are unfortunately.

You should locate a stolen smartphone as soon as possible with Google’s “Find My Device” or Apple’s “Find My?” and, if necessary, lock it:

To prevent misuse, you should also have your SIM card blocked. To do this, call the blocking hotline 116 116 (or from abroad +49 30 4050 4050) and enter your mobile phone numberSIM card numbercustomer number and password of your mobile phone contract. Also, you should report your device to the police as stolen. In addition to the mobile phone and SIM card number, you must also have the IMEI number of the device ready.

What is the IMEI and how do you get the number?

The IMEI is the “International Mobile Equipment Identity” that is assigned to every smartphone. Your mobile phone can therefore be identified and, theoretically, located via the number. For example, it is used by your mobile phone provider to assign your SIM card to you.

You can often find the number on mobile phone bills and it is also often noted on the packaging of mobile phones. Alternatively, you can enter the key combination *#06# in the number pad in the phone app on your smartphone to see the IMEI of your device.

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