Site to view Facebook stories anonymously – IT WORKS

by Solomon
Site to view Facebook stories anonymously

Here is the easiest and fastest way to view Facebook stories anonymously, without being discovered and without letting people know. Find out how to do it, it’s very easy for everyone

Site to view Facebook stories anonymously

Site to view Facebook stories anonymously

See Facebook stories anonymously (even Instagram ones)

New super guide for Wapzola readers , especially those who are looking for a way to view Facebook stories anonymously, without getting caught.

Not everyone knows it, but there is a very simple and fast way , within everyone’s reach, that allows you to watch our friends’ Facebook stories without letting them know.

This is not a site, but a free extension for Chrome that allows you to reach your goal in a flash.

Not only that: the solution I show you below also allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously. Two birds with one stone!

You will be able to watch the stories uploaded by your friends on Facebook and Instagram in a totally anonymous way, without being discovered, without appearing and without being seen.

But let’s not waste time talking, let’s immediately see how to do it.

Site to view Facebook stories anonymously – IT WORKS

Follow these simple steps to reach your goal:

  • Install the Google Chrome internet browser
  • Click on the puzzle piece icon at the top right of ChromeSite to view Facebook stories anonymously
  • Click on Story Space
  • Log in to Instagram and Facebook

That’s it: now you are ready to watch all Facebook (and also Instagram) stories anonymously for free, without being discovered.

You will be able to watch all your friends’ Facebook and Instagram stories without them knowing and, if you want, you can also download them easily and quickly in one click.

App to view Facebook stories anonymously

At the moment I don’t know of any App for viewing Facebook stories anonymously .

However, I advise you to follow the guide above to reach your goal quickly and easily, without having to download any apps or programs.

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