Download free PDF newspapers: all methods – 2024 GUIDE

by Solomon
Download free PDF newspapers: all methods – 2024 GUIDE

Download free newspapers PDF: the best sites. Free newsstand: how to download newspapers in PDF for free, also on iPad and with Telegram ? Read our advice

Download free PDF newspapers: all methods – 2024 GUIDE

Download free PDF newspapers: all methods – 2024 GUIDE

Free Italian newspapers online


I periodically receive requests from Wapzola readers asking me where to download Italian newspapers, newspapers and magazines in PDF format for free online. 

Since I cannot answer everyone individually, I have chosen to publish an article accessible to all in order to answer these questions once and for all. Furthermore, the article will be constantly updated in order to always offer the names of the best sites (and all the other methods) that allow you to download free newspapers  in just a few clicks and in an extremely fast and immediate way.

So, if you are also looking for sites that offer free newspapers , if you are looking for free PDF newspapers, if you are looking for a way to download free newspapers, below I will answer all your questions simply and clearly.


I’m pretty sure that downloading PDF newspapers and magazines from the internet is illegal.

For this reason I DO NOT ADVISE YOU TO DO THIS  unless you have a regular subscription to read and download magazines online. If you do, take full responsibility for your actions.

Furthermore, below you will NOT find any direct links to illegal sites or portals, but you will only find their name , the same as you could find with a Google search . Unlike Google, we have simply reported the most updated sites among the many available and those with less invasive advertising.

Download newspapers and magazines for free: the best sites

Below you will find the NAMES of the best sites that are always up to date (copy the link and paste it into the search bar of your internet browser):

  • Eurekaddl – Eurekaddl: NEW LINK – on this site you will find newspapers, newspapers and magazines to download for free in PDF formats that are always up to date

Free Telegram newspapers

If you want to rely on Telegram to download free newspapers , I recommend you join these channels/bots:


Unfortunately, Telegram channels are often closed suddenly, so the ones indicated may not be working at the time you read the article.

Free Italian pdf magazines

If you are interested in Italian magazines in PDF to download and read online for free, these are the best selected sites:

  • Eurekaddl – Eurekaddl: NEW LINK
  • AvaxHome NEW ADDRESS Updated

These are the best portals for free Italian newspapers and magazines. Also in this case, no direct links, but only the names of the portals that can be found easily and quickly with a Google search.

Do you want to read only the front pages of sports newspapers?

You will find the list of the best websites that allow you to read the front page of newspapers and sports newspapers LEGALLY and for free. 

Of course, you won’t be able to read the entire newspaper in PDF, but you will still have a general overview of the latest sports news.

Are some sites unreachable?

As anticipated, these sites of dubious legality  may be blocked and inaccessible at any time . This is because, when a site is illegal and allows you to download newspapers for free, after a few weeks/months it is usually blocked and made inaccessible from Italy.

If you try to open one of the sites in this list and the message  “The site could not be reached” appears ,  it means that a DNS block has been activated against that site.

Basically the site still works, it is accessible, updated and allows you to download free newspapers, but you simply cannot see it from Italy . To get around this, you need to  change the DNS  on your computer, smartphone , tablet , or the device you’re using to try to open the site in question.

As a final alternative, to access a blocked or blacked out site, you can use a VPN  on your internet browser, like, which is free, works great and I personally use it every day to protect my web browsing sessions.


By changing DNS or using a VPN you will be able to  access all blocked and obscured sites  quickly and easily.

Alternatively you can think about buying a VPN. We have selected the best ones here:

Finally, I would like to point out that Google sometimes blocks searches for some websites due to copyright complaints. If you don’t find the sites you’re interested in when searching on Google, use another search engine instead. The best alternative to Google is definitely DuckDuckGo. We talked about it in depth here:

Reading newspapers for free – Conclusions

We have concluded with this article on newspapers, magazines, newspapers in PDF to download for free.

In case of doubts, questions or problems, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible.

Enjoy the reading!

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