How to Download Free Books on Kindle – EASY Guide

by James

Can you download free books for Kindle? Obviously yes, and in this article, we will see how to do it in the easiest and fastest way, even if you are a novice and inexperienced user.

In today’s guide, in fact, I want to answer one of the questions that I have been asked most often lately: how to download Kindle books for free?

Since unfortunately I can’t answer all users individually, I decided to publish a single article in which you can find all the necessary information to download free books for Kindle in Italian.

Let’s not get lost in useless chatter, let’s see where to download free books for Kindle.


If you have Telegram, I recommend following this guide.

In a couple of minutes, it allows you to download any book for free and send it directly to the Kindle via a Telegram Bot, which also takes care of the conversion. A show!

Below, however, you will find the “classic” methods: downloading the book in ePub format from illegal sites and then converting it or downloading directly from the Kindle Store taking advantage of discounts, offers and promotions.

Free Download Kindle ebook – The ILLEGAL sites

If you need the name of some site to download books in free ePub format for Kindle, I recommend:

How to Download Free Books on Kindle – EASY Guide 12
  • ZLibrary – a fantastic new site that allows you to search and download thousands of books in any format, for free, of course. Very easy to use, super up-to-date, it has many books and ebooks both Italian and foreign. Little ads, no registration required, works great. Super recommended, probably among the best available today to download ebooks for free.
How to Download Free Books on Kindle – EASY Guide 13
  • LIBGEN Genesis: a very complete and up-to-date site, on which you can search and download many books also in Italian.
  • EBOOKSPY : like the previous one, try it if after various searches you still haven’t found the book you’re interested in.
  • EUREKAddl – as far as books in Italian are concerned, it is one of the best. Just go to the website, do a search and in a few clicks you will find all the books in PDF or EPUB that interest you. It’s just a shame that the sites are loaded on various external file hosting sites, which often offer a lot of advertising or make downloads a bit difficult, sometimes causing unwanted programs to be downloaded. However, all you have to do is open your eyes and pay a little attention to get to the download of the book you are interested in
    • Unblocked – as far as books in English and international languages are concerned, it is the best. Inside you will find links to many sites that catalog books online and allow you to download them in a few clicks. Spectacular, too bad it doesn’t work well for books in Italian

    NOTE: you won’t find any direct links to sites that allow you to download free books and ebooks illegally, you can only find their name. I strongly advise against using these illegal portals that violate copyright. If you want to read a book, buy it regularly in physical or digital format

How to Download Free Kindle Books with Amazon Kindle Unlimited – LEGALLY

Don’t want to rely on illegal sites? A wise decision, also because you have a very valid, comfortable and legal alternative at your disposal.

You should know that Amazon offers a very interesting service, called Kindle Unlimited, which at the price of €9.99 per month allows you to download and read as many books as you want.

Thanks to Kindle Unlimited, you can download all the books and ebooks offered by Amazon directly to your Kindle by paying a very low monthly fee. The operation of Kindle Unlimited is the same as that of Spotify, with the difference that instead of songs here you can read and download books and ebooks.

If, on the other hand, you want to try Kindle Unlimited for free for a month, you can go directly HERE. You can test Kindle Unlimited for free for 30 days and then decide whether to start paying for the subscription or cancel the whole thing.

This is definitely the best way to download books and ebooks to your Kindle, also because you can do the whole procedure directly from your ebook reader, without necessarily having to go through the computer.

Download free ebook for Kindle in English: pay attention to the format!

I am convinced that these are the best sites/methods to download free books for Kindle today. In case of news, however, we will update the guide in order to always offer you the best, up-to-date and working solutions.

In any case, if you were wondering where to download free books for Kindle or where to download free ebooks for Kindle, these sites answer your question perfectly. It will be really impossible not to find the book you are looking for, even if it has just been released.

If you rely on illegal sites to download free books, however, you must remember one very important thing: once you have downloaded the book, you must convert it to Kindle format BEFORE transferring it to your ebook reader.

In fact, the books that are downloaded from illegal sites are usually in ePub format, a format that is NOT compatible with Kindle. Before transferring them to your player, you must therefore convert them so that they are recognized correctly.

But how do you convert books? Simple: thanks to our guide, which tells you how to convert them to . Mobi to read them on Kindle. If you need the guide on how to convert ePub to Mobi so that they are compatible with Kindle ebook readers, you can find it here: Convert ePub to Mobi

Does Kindle read epub?

No, by default Kindle does not read the epub format of books.


For this reason, above we have put the link to a guide that explains how to convert books from epub to mobi in order to make them compatible with your Kindle ebook reader.

It will only take a few simple steps to get your Kindle to read epubs.

How to Download Free Books on Kindle – Conclusion

Well, with this guide, we’re done.

We have seen in a few simple steps how to download free Kindle books in the easiest and most immediate way possible, both for experienced users and for novice users.

If your goal was to get free Kindle books, I’d say we’ve hit the nail on the head. Or am I wrong?

If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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