How to earn more money with Google Opinion Rewards

by Solomon
Google opinion Rewards

Do you want to earn more money with Google Opinion Rewards? Here’s a quick and easy way. Increase your Google Opinion Rewards earnings in one click

Google opinion Rewards

Google opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Do you also use the Google Opinion Rewards app to earn money by answering surveys sent by Google ?

I have good news for you!

Soon, in fact, it will be possible to earn more money through the Google Opinion Rewards app without making any effort.

As? It’s easy to say.

How to earn more money with Google Opinion Rewards

These days Google Opinion Rewards is sending a notification to some users (for now only in the USA , soon worldwide) inviting them to respond to a ” suitability survey “.

The survey asks you to update your preferences, including your language, payment account, and whether to receive location-based business.

By updating this information, in theory, it will be possible to receive more surveys and, consequently, earn more money through Google Opinion Rewards.

I remind you, in fact, that at the moment the frequency of surveys is not uniform for everyone : it is based, for example, on the user’s position and the places he has visited and, consequently, those who move a lot or live in big cities receive much more surveys of other users, with greater earning potential.

Well, with this profile update everyone should receive more surveys, especially those who have always received few in the past.

At this point, therefore, all we have to do is wait for this notification to arrive on our Google Opinion Rewards accounts to try to earn more (even if we certainly won’t become rich).

What you need to know about Google Opinion Rewards

Opinion Rewards is the Google app that allows you to  earn money  by answering  periodic surveys .

The accumulated credit can be spent on the Play Store or other Google services, and therefore proves to be an excellent way to purchase some apps, games or small subscriptions for free.

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