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The Metaverse seems to be a new fashionable term, without considering the possibility that this concept has time among us, only that it is expected to reach the level where large companies will push their technologies to the maximum.

Virtual reality is the perfect antecedent to what the Metaverse intends to represent and in which individuals and corporations, including government and national and international security organizations and institutions, have been involved. Learn More regarding this on the link provided.


The metaverse and world security

The advances and positioning of the Metaverse worldwide have shown that it is possibly one of the sectors with the highest investment and growth during the next 5 years.

We could see an exponential business in its most extraordinary splendor at the official launch of this technology that many are already preparing to receive and adopt.

However, the risks that the use of this technological advance could lead to also represent the appropriate handling of information, privacy, and cybersecurity of the same, where the main affected would be the data of each user.

The elements that are considered to increase the vulnerability of users of the Metaverse are the following:

  • Digital identity: the information provided by users could be violated; perhaps this is the greatest fear of many, where cyber security and possible cyber-attacks are not out of the picture, where there should be much more extensive and limiting regulations and standards to current ones.
  • The management of emotions: In this aspect, the use of external devices in the form of hardware that allows users to increase sensations and emotions in the metaverse environment plays a fundamental role; in this sense, the profiles of each participant could be manipulated by third parties in pursuit of perfecting advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Scalability: This could be one of the elements that require less dedication since it refers directly to the management of resources and efficiency in terms of the growth of technological platforms.

The abstract future offered by the Metaverse

Many companies have created a kind of advice as customer service concerning the doubts, they may have about what the Metaverse represents and its operation in the future.

Specialists in information technology and telecommunications consider the Metaverse as a business with an extensive path ahead of it that could make it the main business of many small, medium, and large companies that do not expect to lose any technological advance that generates significant dividends.

Although the future of this new proposal for virtual worlds could be mainly focused on the video game sector, entertainment, decentralized finance, and the promotion of cryptocurrencies and NFTs as essential elements in digital commerce and finance.

The users’ immersion in the various virtual worlds is the most relevant feature. The avatars within the universes parallel to reality would be executed in different technological devices.

Interpol Metaverse Value Proposition

The Metaverse does not seem to be a new topic for the United States government and attached institutions, including the Department of Defense and the American ICT sector, which have been part of the technological milestones since the creation of Memex until its final evolution that became the World Wide Web Consortium and HTML, known today as the Internet.

The value proposition of this technological project is based mainly on usability in terms of the academic training of investigators and police officers to identify understand and prevent the execution of crimes in the virtual ecosystem.

This version of the Interpol Metaverse will allow the interaction of the organization’s officials without being limited by the geographical areas of the world; that is, there will be no physical limits for the avatars to keep all the strategic points of the organization linked.

The main intention of this organization is to protect users both in the virtual world and in the real world; despite the abstract characteristics surrounding the Metaverse, the main goal is to fight crime from the digital perspective.



The concern on the part of governments and users about the use of information and management of a world parallel to the real one, where the same opportunities and possibilities exist even in more significant proportion compared to the limits that currently exist, where the risks are expanding from e-commerce, remote jobs and the infrastructure of a digital financial system, among many more.

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