Top 5 Gift Ideas for Retro Tech and Gadget Lovers

by Abbey banji

Today, technology is advancing at a rate that’s faster than ever. This means that there’s now an increase in gadgets and technological devices that are more sophisticated, enhanced, and modern. With greater access to the internet with deals like Spectrum internet cable, the world is seeing more innovation. However, the world seems a little too fast-paced for some people. As a result, they prefer to hold onto the technology of the past. These retro gadgets emit a strong sense of nostalgia. If nothing else, they’re strong indicators of how far the world has come in terms of innovation and technology. If you know such a retro gadget enthusiast, here are the perfect gift ideas for them.



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This machine hasn’t been in use for decades. Typewriters existed long before smartphones, touch screens, and the internet. It has been used by famous writers like Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and Maya Angelou. So, when you see a typewriter today, it is reminiscent of a simpler time in the past. It holds in itself history and culture.

Because of all that’s associated with them, typewriters are gaining popularity again. But this is because they’re intended to be kept as relics instead of practical gadgets. In fact, a large number of antique and retro typewriters are being sold online for high rates. Some are even auctioned off at important events. But don’t worry. Not all typewriters cost an arm and a leg. If you want to wrap them up as a present, you can still find some at reasonable prices.

Antique Radio

Don’t confuse this with the radio channels you can access in your car and on your phone. This type of radio is a device with giant knobs and buttons for tuning and switching between channels. Radios were one of the most popular sources of entertainment, news, and education before the existence of the internet and even cable television.

Antique radios were also used in great wars to keep up communication and to keep updated on information. Therefore, these gadgets hold great significance. If you’re looking for gift ideas, this might be the perfect one for somebody who enjoys retro gadgets. Apart from this, such radios aren’t even that expensive. Especially if you purchase them from online sites like Amazon and eBay.


Yes, this is what John Cusack holds up to his head in Say Anything to get the girl. This movie is one of the reasons why this gadget’s popularity is increasing again as an important relic of the past. Boomboxes were the older generation’s speakers. But instead of Spotify, they ran on cassettes or CDs. They were especially popular in the 70s’ and 80s’ before the advent of iPods or Apple Music.

Boomboxes were especially popular with the younger generation and would be found in abundance at high school events, sports games, and parties. This is why when you watch a popular movie from the 80s’, you’re likely to find a boombox lurking somewhere in a scene. Today, they’re important because they signify the advancement of technology.

Record Player

There’s one thing that has always remained important for people throughout history. Music. In the past, record players were one of the important machines that could play this music for people at parties, at home, and at events. For record players to work, you need to have a giant record that fits. The technology that operated this gadget wasn’t as sophisticated as the kind you have in today’s modern world. Therefore, it was very common for record players to slip up and slow down occasionally. But songs that were played on this device had a completely different sound to them.

They sounded more real and less distant. This is because they had a constant whir to them that sounded organic and candid. Today, music is free from any disturbance or noise. But this also reduces the factor of authenticity that record players had. If you’re looking to buy this for a retro gadget lover, make sure you check all available options. Record players today are being sold at antique stores but they’re also likely to cost you a lot.

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras print your photographs instantly. These existed long before your iPhone or Samsung had well-developed, sophisticated cameras. Polaroid cameras produce pictures that appear nostalgic and vintage in their appearance and quality. Today, they’re back in demand again because of this attribute alone. So, if you want to gift somebody this, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. And these options won’t cost you too much money.


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