Top trends of mobile gaming apps of 2021

by Abbey banji

From early ages, people preferred going to the physical casinos for playing casino games and doing sports betting. They used to have food, drinks and enjoy the play. The situation completely changed with the advent of the Internet as people started playing games right from the comfort of their home through their home computer or office laptop. Visitors to the physical casinos started decreasing over time.

The situation further changed as newly developed smartphones started entering the market about a decade back. These phones were loaded with all software needed to play modern-day casino games. A large number of gamers shifted to online casinos for playing casino games. To keep up with the trend, many online casinos have come into the market. They do various types of online advertisements to lure more players. To remain afloat in the competition, many land-based casinos have also started their website. After all, nobody wants to lose business at the end of the day.

Top trends of mobile gaming apps of 2021 9

But if you are new to the world of online casinos, you should not hurriedly join any website. It is a fact that not all of these websites are genuine and many have developed a bad habit of duping away with the player’s money. So you should go to a top online casino if you want to win your games and get your winning money. If you go to the review sites, you will get a good collection of online casino sites. Read a few reviews and choose your site.

Since most of the online casino games are played through smartphones, most of the online casino sites have developed an app. Players need to download the app on their smartphones to play the games. By analyzing the mobile apps, the recent trends in mobile gaming apps can be observed. Let us discuss them one by one.

Expansion packs are the recent trends

An expansion pack is nothing but an addition to an existing mobile game. Recently, mobile app developers are feeling attracted to the idea of expansion packs. It is a very good method to retain the initial game adopter so that the player can come back for more. Though the technology is not a new one, it is expected to become more popular in the future years. Since the cost of getting new customers is increasing with each passing day, mobile app developers are doing everything to keep the existing customers happy.

Mini-games are becoming more popular

These are generally small games that crop into larger games. The advantage of these games is that it does not require any additional installation steps and are considered to be more socially integrated so that it generates fun and competition among friends. Mobile game app developers are giving more of these games as it helps in more engagement and retention of gamers as that is considered to be very important in the casino business industry. Both online casino owners and game developers are giving more importance to this point.

Rapidly increasing cost of CPI

Since more online casino websites are coming up every day, the competition among the companies for finding new player is increasing rapidly. The cost is even more for those games which generate high revenue. The cost of installation for each of these games is going up with every passing month and the app developers are really finding it difficult to cope up with the competition. Since the penetration of smartphones is increasing in every country of the world, this competition is going to increase in the coming months to a great extent. Online casino websites will have to come out with new ideas to cope up with this competition.

Preordering of the games will increase

Since the competition and the cost of installation is going up, the preordering or pre-registration of the games is going up. As a solution to the problem, the app developers are offering pre-registration and that is yielding good results. Though the console and PC gaming market used to depend heavily on pre-registration as it was mainly done to lure the existing fans of the respective games. Preordering of the games comes with some discounts and incentives and the gamers who buy the game after the release are not entitled to avail this discount. As this concept will become popular, the new method of acquiring new players may change n the coming days. This will definitely help the online casino websites to get in new customers.

Mobile Games for All Age Groups

Majority of mobile games are generally created for the younger generations but this trend is now rapidly changing. As more and more people of all ages have started becoming smartphone savvy, the gaming industry is now targeting older smartphone users to make them interested in mobile gaming as well. Older people have an abundant amount of free time at their disposal, so if mobile game developers create suitable games for these mature adults, chances are high they will also spend hours playing mobile games, which will be beneficial for the gaming market. Developing game apps for the mature older generation is certainly going to be the next big thing.

Demand for Game Consoles declining

Though gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox are getting better with every release, the estimated sales are going down. Reason is not that gaming consoles are bad, but people are now opting for much cheaper and flexible options on their smartphones. Since they can enjoy games on mobiles anywhere anytime, this gives them more flexibility than game consoles. Mobile gaming is a much-preferred option than console gaming. Mobile game apps have shown ever-growing market demand which seems to continue in the near future.

Mobile Gaming industry earning worldwide revenue

Though the US gaming market has been steadily at the top position for several years in terms of worldwide mobile gamers ranking list, it earns only 15% market share of the total number of global mobile game players. This is because China and India are the new emerging markets where we can see rapid growth in the usage of mobile gaming apps


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