[Download] Resident Evil 4 DamonPS2 and PCSX2 emulator – PS2 APK ISO highly compressed play Android and pc

by Abbey banji

Download Resident Evil 4 iso also known as Biohazard 4 or RE 4 iso DamonPS2 and PCSX2 emulator file highly compressed in size and the full version in only 400MB. You can play on PS2 Emulator Apk on your Android/iOS device, including windows computer or Mac easily without a need for external game controllers or console device-via Damon and PCSX2 emulator.



In Resident Evil 4 you will play as U.S. government special agent Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. president’s daughter Ashley Graham, who has been kidnapped by a cult.

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About Resident Evil 4(Biohazard 4) PS2 ISO: Damon Ps2 apk and PCSX2 Highly Compressed

The sixth major installment in the series. Resident Evil 4 also known as Biohazard 4 in some regions, it is a survival horror third-person shooter video game developed and published by  Capcom. The gameplay is set in In a rural part of Europe, players will play as special agent Leon who will fights hordes of villagers infected by a mind-controlling parasite, and reunites with the spy Ada Wong.

The game camera is placed behind Leon and zooms in for an over-the-shoulder view when aiming a weapon, or a first-person view when aiming with a sniper rifle.

The main enemies are violent villagers referred to as Los Ganados (“The Cattle” in Spanish). Los Ganados can dodge, wield melee and projectile weapons, and are capable of working collectively and communicating with each other.

Features Of Resident Evil 4( ISO: Damon Ps2 apk and PCSX2 Highly Compressed

  • Amazing third-person perspective gameplay where player controls Leon S. Kennedy
  • The gameplay focuses on action and shootouts with fewer survival horror elements.
  • Based on the situation, players can interact with the environment: kicking down a ladder, jumping out of a window, dodging an attack or executing a “finishing move” on weakened enemies.
  • There is no crosshair for firearms; instead, every firearm has a laser sight.
  • Context-sensitive controls.
  • Amazing quick time events, in which the player must press buttons indicated on-screen to execute actions such as dodging a falling boulder or wrestling an enemy to stay alive.

Requirement For RE 4 PS2 ISO (Playstation 2)

You can only play this ISO file Game using an Emulator on your Android Smartphone or Windows Pc.
If you are going to be playing this game on a Windows computer or Laptop you will need to download and install PCSX2 Emulator on your PC from Here

For Android smartphone users who want to play 2021 PS2 ISO on their Phones, you will need to download the damon ps2 pro apk from here and install.

Android version: 4.0 and higher
Windows 7, 8 and 10 supported

Game iso File details

Name:  Resident Evil 4
Platform:  PS2
Game Publisher: Capcom
Language: English
Genre: survival horror, third-person shooter
Format:   ISO
Compressed size: 400MB
Full size: 3.7GB

Compression Info
Original Size: 3.7GB
Compressed Size: 400MB

How to Download Resident Evil 4 PS2 ISO (Playstation 2) Highly Compressed

This direct download link iso file below will work with both PCSX2 and damon ps2 pro emulator. The download link below was last updated on 09 July 2021.

Sorry guys, all highly compressed links to this ROM has been taken down by Mediafire and Google drive. I have provide links to the full Rom version instead.


Download Link Resident Evil 4 Ps2 Highly Compressed (3gb)

Download Resident Evil 4 Ps2 Iso Rom file Highly Compressed (2GB size) coolrom link

How To Install and Play Resident Evil 4 (Playstation 2) on your Android Phone with damon ps2 pro apk emulator.

  • Download and install ZArchiver(if you don’t have it already).
  • Also, install the latest DamonPS2 pro emulator apk from this link here (if you don’t have it yet).
  • Download the Game compressed iso cso from above to your phone storage. Most of the games are compressed in RAR, 7zip, or zip format you will need to extract them to .iso, IMG, MDF, or .bin format to play with emulator.
  • Extract the Biohazard 4 ps2 Game ISO file using ZArchiver Pro. To do that, click on the rar or 7zip file and select to open with ZArchiver Pro, then click on extract.
  • Ensure to extract the ISO to DamonPS2 >> Game >> folder on your SD card or internal storage where you can easily find it.
  • Launch the DamonPS2 emulator app. Then navigate to the Game tab. You should see the RE 4 icon there. If you don’t, then open your file manager from the emulator and locate the game file.

How To Install and Play Residents Evil 4 (Playstation 2) with PCSX2 on windows pc

  • Place your RE 4 iso game in your desired location on your windows computer.
  • Double click to open your PCSX2 and click on CDVD > ISO Selector > Browse
  • Navigate your computer for your PlayStation 2 ISO. Click on it, then click Open.
    *Note: PCSX2 only supports ISO, BIN, IMG, MDF, NRG. And games must be extracted from their ZIP, RAR, or 7Z file.
  • Go to System > Boot CDVD (full). Wait a few moments and your game will load. Enjoy!

Best Settings For Resident Evil 4 PS2 ISO: DamonPS2 Pro apk Emulator on Android phones

This is the best settings to play (Biohazard 4) RE 4 iso PlayStation 2 on all android phones with 100% full speed using Damon PS2 Pro apk Emulator.

Graphics settings:

  • Under the Rendering resolution select “2x PS2”
  • Under Aspect ratio select “Stretched to screen”
  • Keep the rest of the settings under graphics as enabled or leave them default

Audio Settings:

  • In the Audio settings Disable reverb effects set the Synchronizing Mode to “AsyncMix”

Control Settings:

  • Disable Vibration and also disable Two players Mode

You can check the rest of the settings Here

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