The new game of the League of Legends authors has become a leader on Twitch. All thanks to bots

by Abbey banji


On Tuesday, April 7, Riot Games launched a closed beta test of the Valorant game. The shooter immediately took off on the first line of the Twitch platform. However, not everyone believes in such a success – the broadcasts have already noticed a lot of bots viewers.

In the first hour after the start of the beta test, the number of users in the Valorant section on Twitch has exceeded 1.3 million. Soon this number rose to 1.7 million – the third-highest online peak in the history of the service, above only the E3 2018 and League of Legends. Now the shooter remains the most popular category of the platform.

The new game of the League of Legends authors has become a leader on Twitch. All thanks to bots 4

However, many people paid attention to a large number of bots on Valorant broadcasts. According to Ben Jackson, marketing specialist of Damage eSports agency, there are three fairy accounts per real stream viewer. He didn’t dare to accuse Riot Games of cheating, because it’s quite possible that these profiles belong to real gamers who want to either access the game faster or sell it to someone else.

The thing is, anyone can join the Valorant beta test. To do this, you need to register accounts on Twitch and Riot Games portals, link them and start watching the broadcast shooter. According to the authors, the chance to access the game appears a couple of hours later on the Stream, but until the studio servers do not allow to accept all interested gamers.

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