How To Generate Free IPTV lists on Android With M3uGen

by Abbey banji
m3ugen apk iptv
m3ugen apk iptv

m3ugen apk iptv

M3uGen is a free program that allows you to generate and create IPTV lists for free on Android Smartphones. Today we are going to discuss how to download M3uGen and use it to create free IPTV lists.

The software apk is called M3uGen and it allows you to create and generate IPTV lists to watch satellite TV in streaming for free and without any subscription. Yes, with a simple free apk file on Android you can generate IPTV lists in a few simple clicks.

NOTE: the program works only on Android but, once the IPTV list is generated/created, you can watch it on any device (smart TV, Android, iOS, PC, Mac ..).

How to download M3uGen

The first thing to do is to download the M3uGen program.

For obvious reasons, it’s not on the Play Store. You can download it directly HERE in APK format. I recommend downloading the app directly from Android for convenience.

How to install M3uGen

Once you download the program in APK format on your Android smartphone, you must:

  • Drag the notification dropdown.
  • Click on the M3uGen file that appears inside it.
  • follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the installation wizard of the program.

It takes just a few simple steps to install M3uGen on your Android.

How to use M3uGen

Using the program is simple, fast, within everyone’s reach:

  • open M3uGen on Android
  • Click on GENERATE LIST
  • click on COPY LIST

The string obtained is pasted on the app you usually use to open and manage IPTV lists.


On Android I recommend for example “IPTV” or “IPTV Extreme”, on Windows and Mac PC VLC is fine, on iOS “GSE Smart IPTV”, but in reality, the list is compatible with any app for IPTV, so you can use the program that you prefer.

At this point there is nothing else to do: automatically the newly created IPTV list will be loaded by the app you have chosen and you can watch everything you want for free streaming.

The Cons or limit of M3uGen

M3uGen is a fantastic program: free, easy to use, with little advertising and that works perfectly.

It has only one limit: the generated M3uGen lists are valid for 60 minutes, then they expire and must be generated again following the procedure we have already indicated.

It doesn’t seem a big problem to me, but it’s fair to report it.

M3uGen does not work or crashes: what to do?

Finally, it is important to report that M3uGen is a program that generates free IPTV lists.

As in all cases of free IPTV lists, they can suddenly stop working, show channels that are not working or wrong, go jerky or suffer from buffering.

In my tests I have NOT found any problems of this type with M3uGen, but, as already anticipated, they could happen and in case nothing could be done, if not to wait for the problems to disappear (often they are caused by an excessive load on the servers).

So if M3uGen doesn’t work or freezes, you can only be patient.

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