Thegroove 360 ​​not working error: how to RESOLVE

by Solomon
Error Thegroove 360 ​​is no longer working

Thegroove 360 ​​Error” problem: I will explain all the methods available to you to resolve and correct the error. What to do if Thegroove 360 ​​isn’t working

Error Thegroove 360 ​​is no longer working

Error Thegroove 360 ​​is no longer working

Error Thegroove 360 ​​is no longer working


New article for all Wapzola readers who use the Thegroove 360 ​​Kodi addon , one of the best ever to watch absolutely everything in streaming for free.

Today in particular we will see a quick and easy way to resolve the generic “Thegroove 360 ​​Error” error that unfortunately appears to many users while trying to install and configure this addon.

So, without getting lost in chatter, I would say to immediately go and see what needs to be done to make the Thegroove 360 ​​addon work correctly on Kodi and resolve this generic error that appears to many.


Currently Thegroove360 only works this OpenDNS DNS:

  • DNS1:
  • DNS2:

Don’t know how to change DNS?

Follow this guide : Faster DNS: here are the ones TO USE (and how to change them)


Thegroove 360 ​​is currently offline for everyone and does not work for anyone.

 Many in the  official Telegram group  are  wondering what is happening, but at the moment no one has a precise answer.

If you try to enter the repository address ( on Kodi, the classic ” Unable to connect ” message appears . This error usually appears when a source is offline or when the address is written incorrectly.

Instead, trying to paste the source URL into an internet browser, you may notice that the repository is actually out of order. The same message also appears with changed DNS or active VPN .

Has Thegroove360 been shut down?

We don’t know at the moment.

The founder of Thegroove 360 ​​stated that there are currently server problems, which however have persisted since the evening of February 7, 2024, therefore for a long time now.

We hope that the problems are only related to extraordinary maintenance and that Thegroove360 has not actually been closed.

Thegroove 360 ​​not working error: how to RESOLVE

If you are also having trouble getting the Thegroove 360 ​​addon to work on Kodi and are unable to install or launch it properly, follow these steps.

  • Launch Kodi and click on the  Settings icon at the top left .
  • Now click on  File
  • In the left or right column, double-click  Add Source  (only once on touchscreen devices)
  • Click on  <None> , enter the address  and click  OK
  • Rename the source to  thegroove360 (or a name of your choice) and click OK  once again 
  • Go back and click  Add-ons > Install from a zip file
  • ONLY IF you are using an old version of Kodi, confirm in the pop-up that appears by clicking  Yes
  • At this point, click on  thegroove360 > Prerelease_addon
  • Inside this folder you will find the Pre Release version file (but fully functional). Then click on  and wait for the confirmation notification
  • Now enjoy Thegroove 360 ​​fully functional and error-free

Has the problem not been resolved? Try this alternative

If the problem still persists even after this alternative guide, you still have one last chance to get Thegroove 360 ​​addon working on Kodi.

If you use Kodi on Windows PC , you should know that Thegroove 360 ​​is often detected as a threat and for this reason many antiviruses tend to block it.

Therefore, to solve the problem, simply disable your antivirus (or the Windows one, if you use it).


How to disable antivirus on Windows PC

In particular, follow these generic steps to disable any antivirus on Windows PC:

  1. Click the Start button   and type “security software” in the search bar
  2. Click on the antivirus installed on your device
  3. Find the option to temporarily disable antivirus . This may be called “ Mute ” or “ Do Not Disturb .”
  4. Select the option to temporarily disable your antivirus.

I remind you that you will most likely find the button to access the antivirus settings also in the panel at the bottom right of the screen , next to the clock and the other icons.

Thegroove 360 ​​doesn’t work: ask for help in the official group

If the problem persists, the only thing left for you to do is ask for help in the Telegram support group.

Here is the link to the official Thegroove 360 ​​Telegram group: .

I’m sure that within the group they will be able to help you solve the problem with the addon.

How to install Thegroove 360

Here is the updated and working guide to install the addon on Kodi: Thegroove360: download and installation guide


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