what to do if your Battery not charging or Slow charging

by Abbey banji
what to do if your Battery not charging or Slow charging 9

   As we periodically charge our battery over time, our battery capacity begins to decrease, and as a result this will require us to start charging more often
. This can cause alot of problems for you as a smartphone user. In this post we are going to be exploring the possible solutions and causes of slow and long time charging.

Symptoms and notice

  • Very slow charging
  • Quick  discharging
  • battery charging but % not incresing
  • charger plugged but not charging
  • Charger not detected when plugged

Charger not detected when devices is plugged

One of the most common problems, which may require the service of an experience phone engineer. For a start i recommend checking your charging port and check your charger. Try replacing the battery with a new one and charge the phone.
If nothing happened, rises serious questions about device repair. It is necessary to refer to the repair service center.

Battery charging but % not increasing

If your phone is charging but the battery power percentage is not increasing, you may need to change your battery, If this does not work, check the density of the terminal contacts and see if battery is damaged. You should also try replacing your charger or usb cable.

My Phone is charging, but does not turn on

This is always as a result of hardware or software problem, the charging status indicate their is nothing wrong with your battery. Replacing your battery or charger will not solve the problem. You will need to flash your phone using a stock firmware or take it to a qualified experience phone engineer.

Battery Charging too slow

  • Try changing your USB cable
  • Check your power source, for example if you are charging with a pc your phone will charge slowly.
  • Check or change your power adapter
  • You have a bad battery
  • Check your USB port for any damage, dirty or obstruction
  • Too many background running application, you should free up your RAM by clearing out unsed applications.

It is always advisable to carefully analyze which installed application or features is taking up too much resources and CPU power.

Delete unused/unwanted apps and turn off useless Features. You can flash, reset or update your current firmware to solve the problems.

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