[MixDrop Download] how to download vdeos from MixDrop

by Abbey banji


MixDrop streaming: is it possible to download films and TV series? Here’s how to do it. How to download from MixDrop: the complete guide SIMPLE AND FAST, within everyone’s reach.

How to download videos from MixDrop

Since I recently received several requests from Phonetweakers readers, I decided to publish a guide in which I explain in a simple, clear and fast way how to download from MixDrop.

If you have found any film, TV series or video of any kind on the MixDrop portal and you want to download it to watch it offline, without internet, where and when you want, thanks to my instructions you can do it in the easiest and fastest possible way.

Whether you are an expert user or not, it is not important: the guide is clear and intuitive, certainly within everyone’s reach. And in case of doubts or questions, just leave a comment at the end of the article and I will reply as soon as possible.

Having said that, I would say not to get lost in chatter and immediately start the guide that explains how to download videos from MixDrop.

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MixDrop Download:

In order to follow this guide, you must use the internet browser Chrome or Firefox. If you do not use either of them, I strongly recommend that you choose one and download and install it immediately, since they represent the 2 best internet browsers on the market today. Your web browsing experience will reach a much higher level with  Chrome or Firefox. Here are the direct download links for these internet browsers (only if you’re not already using them):

DOWNLOAD |  Mozilla Firefox


After this, you are already halfway done!
At this point, you need to download a small free extension for your internet browser so that you can then download movies and videos from MixDrop.


The add-on in question is called Flash Video Downloader and is available for Chrome and Firefox. Here are the direct links:

DOWNLOAD | Flash Video Downloader (Firefox)

DOWNLOAD | Flash Video Downloader (Chrome)

You can install this add-in in one click. At this point, at the top right of your internet browser, its down arrow icon will appear, like this:



How to proceed and download from MixDrop

Now you have everything you need to start the download, you only need the video/film / TV series to download. At this point you will simply have to follow these steps:

1.   Visit the MixDrop page where the film you want to download is present.

2.   click on the PLAY button to start playing the film/tv series/movie.

3.   After clicking the Play button,  wait 5-10 seconds for the video to start playing.

4.   Pause the video after the first 10 seconds.

5.   Now you can use the Flash Video Downloader extension  (the one installed a few seconds ago) to download the video from the site: click at the top right in your internet browser, next to the address bar, on the arrow icon pointing towards the bass (the one we’ve seen before). A  small menu will open showing you the video flow detected , which obviously corresponds to that of the video you want to download:


Flash-Video-Downloader downloading

6.  Click on the arrow pointing down  (after the icon with the 2 overlapping sheets and after the one in the shape of a trash can) to start downloading the video

7.  wait for the end of the download: based on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the file, wait for the time necessary to download the film. The file will be saved in your computer’s Downloads folder.

8.  End!

IMPORTANT NOTE: it may happen that, as in the screenshot above, the extension detects 2 video streams. In this case, you have to download the one with the greatest weight by looking at the MB value that appears next to the name of the video. Clearly, heavier / heavier / more punchy / higher definition video corresponds to higher weight, so you will have to download the one with the highest MB value. Looking at the screenshot I put above, in my case, I have to download the 466.25MB one.

Now your video has been correctly downloaded to your PC / Mac, directly from MixDrop, and you can watch it whenever you want, where you want, without internet connection and therefore offline.
Simple, fast, very comfortable!
This, as mentioned and as you yourself noted, was the simple solution, immediate and fast to download from MixDrop.


We concluded with this guide on MixDrop. I hope I have helped you download videos from this portal. For any doubts or questions, as already mentioned, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

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