Sites to find out when a contact is online on WhatsApp (Best WhatsApp online sites)

by Abbey banji

In today’s guide we will see which are the best online tools and websites to know when a contact is online on WhatsApp. Yes, that’s right: not everyone knows it, but there are free websites (trial version) that allow you to receive a notification as soon as a WhatsApp contact goes online or offline, as well as providing the history of all the accesses of this contact.



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In practice, in a few seconds, anyone can monitor any number or WhatsApp user to find out when they are online, when they are offline and how long they have used the app. I know it may sound unbelievable, but WhatsApp’s privacy, as we all know, literally sucks.

What is WhatsApp online monitor sites?

They are websites that allows users to monitor their WhatsApp contacts or phone numbers. Users will get a notification when they are online or offline.



List of best Sites to find out when a contact is online on WhatsApp

There are basically two websites where users can track a WhatsApp contact location. Check them out below:


How to use WhatsApp online monitor sites:

  1. Access any one of the sites indicated above
  2. Register for free (email and password are enough)
  3. Enter the WhatsApp number you want to monitor, to know when it is online or offline.
  4. Start tracing/Tracking

All of these sites in this article offer 8-hours free tracking, then users will start paying for the service. By paying a few euros a week it will be possible to track and literally monitor anyone on WhatsApp , knowing when they are online, when they went offline and how long they have been connected to the app. Users will also receive a notification every time a contact goes online on WhatsApp.

The amazing thing about these sites is that:

  • It ALWAYS work, even if the person we want to monitor has set privacy to maximum on WhatsApp. This also applies if you set the Status as visible to none contacts (by going to  Settings – Account – Privacy – Status  and set the visibility of  Last Accessed  to  None).
  • This sites also work if you want to monitor a contact who has blocked you on WhatsApp.

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