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You would love to reduce the size of the footage you keep on your mobile device, and for that you are looking for a video compressor app. I can give you two pieces of good news in this regard. The first is that there are tons of apps to use for this purpose, and the second is that in this guide, I’m going to walk you through some of these interesting apps.

You probably already know that among the files you have in the gallery of your smartphone or tablet, movies are the ones that take up the most storage space. That’s why you’re looking for a solution to not have to delete your videos but to make sure that you have more free memory on your device.

If you’re curious and can’t wait to try them out, let’s put the words aside and start compressing the video files present on your mobile devices via app. Take a few minutes to read this guide and choose the app that best suits your needs. Have fun!

Apps to Compress Video

There are so many apps to compress videos. What you need to do is choose one to use whenever you need to reduce the “weight” of a movie saved in your mobile device’s gallery. Below, therefore, I propose some interesting solutions to use on both Android and Apple devices. So, if you need how to compress a video or an entire library of movies on your smartphone, read on.

Video Converter and Compressor (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Video Converter and Compressor

Video Converter and Compressor is an application with an interface in English, which offers several features for editing videos, including the ability to compress them. The app is free but also offers a paid Premium subscription starting at €0.99 per week, with which you remove ads and get additional features.

You can download Video Converter and Compressor for Android (also in alternative stores) and for iOS/iPadOS. Once you’ve downloaded and launched the app, you can immediately view all the features available to you.

If what you need is to compress a video, press the Convert or Compress button and then allow the application to access the multimedia content on your device. At this point, select the video you want to compress in your gallery and then select the Compress option from those available to you. You can now select two parameters that will affect the compression of the video: Video Birate (bits per second of the video) and Audio Birate (bits per second of the audio). As you move the sliders of these two parameters, you can see, at the bottom of the screen, the Estimated Size of the Output which changes accordingly. When you’ve reached the size you want, hit the round Convert button at the bottom right.

To finish, select a Conversion Speed, choosing between Default and Fast, which are the options available for free (keep in mind that increasing the conversion speed can result in videos with larger sizes). To proceed, then, click on the Start Now button and consent to the use of your personal data or manage the options. All you have to do is wait for the time it takes for the video to convert.

Once the video is converted, you can tap Delete Original to leave only the compressed version of the movie in your device’s memory.

Compress Video Size (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Compress Video Size

Compress Video Size is an application with an English interface but extremely easy to use, which allows you to compress videos on mobile devices. It’s free, but you can unlock unlimited access to all features by signing up for a subscription, starting at 1.09 per week.

You can download Compress Video Size for Android (also on alternative stores) and for iOS/iPadOS on the App Store under the name Video Compressor & Converter. After downloading and launching the app, press on [x] to access the free version.

Now, to compress a video, press on Import (in the case of an Apple device, press on Video Compressor and then on Camera Roll), then allow the application to access the multimedia content on your device. Now select the video you want to compress from the videos in your gallery and tap Next. At this point, you will see several compression options: for each of which you can consult the resolutionquality, and compression speed (Compression Speed).

By selecting the Custom option, you can also customize the compression parameters of the video: resolutionquality, and frame rate (frame rate per second). On the other hand, by selecting the Fit to size option you can choose exactly how many MB (megabytes) the video should “weigh” to.

After selecting the desired compression, tap on the Compress button and set the last parameters such as AudioSubtitles (subtitles) and Audio Bitrate (bits per second of the audio). Finally, press on the Start button and wait a few seconds for the video to be compressed.

Video Compress (Android)

Video Compress

Video Compress is an application with an interface in English, which allows you to reduce the size of video files, allowing users to personally select the desired quality. It supports all common video formats and is extremely easy to use. It’s free, but through in-app purchases (at a cost of €7.49) you can get rid of ads.

You can download Vide Compress for both Android (also on alternative stores). After downloading and launching the app, allow access to the media on your device.


Now, to compress a movie in your gallery, the application gives you an overview of the folders on your device in which there are video files, of which you see previews. Tap on the folder that contains the video you want to compress, then select the video by tapping on its preview. Then select Compress Video from the available options (with this app, you can also edit videos in other ways, such as trimming, rotating, speeding them up, etc.).

Now you can choose the quality you want, between high quality and low quality, and for each of the two options you have different possibilities. Among the options, you can also tap Remove Audio to generate a silent video, and Grayscale to produce a black and white video. By tapping on the menu item Custom, you can also adjust the compression parameters of the video, moving the sliders under the items Video resolution and birate (bits per second).

Once you have chosen and pressed on the type of compression you want, wait for a few seconds for the video to be compressed. When you’re done, you can press Play next to the movie preview to view it.

Other Video Compressor Apps

Panda Video Compressor

There are also other video compressor apps, and here are some alternatives.

  • Video Compression — Reduce (iOS/iPadOS) — application that allows you to compress the most common video formats through defined presets or by manually customizing the resolution and bitrate. It’s free, but it offers in-app purchases to access all the features.
  • Panda Video Compressor (Android) — a free application (with the ability to access additional features and remove paid advertising) but extremely simple to use with which you can compress videos on a mobile device. Interesting is the option that allows compression ideal for sending via FB Messenger or for sending via e-mail.
  • Very fast video compression (Android) — free application (with in-app purchases to add features and remove ads) that allows you to compress videos in MP4 format, trim and extract audios in MP3 format, and even compress photos.

Apps to Compress Video from PC


If you want to learn how to reduce the memory space occupied by movies even while working from a PC, I recommend that you read this guide, where you will find programs to compress movies but also very convenient online solutions that allow you to do this without downloading any software to your computer.

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