2 Ways to stream and download movies from telegram


There are 2 ways you can download and watch movies on telegram. You can either do this by joining some movies channel or telegram bots. Telegram has two very interesting features: Bot and Channel. The “Bot” is an automatic robot for specific functions while ” Channel ” are broadcast channels for content targeted.

With Telegram Channels and Bots, you can access a lot of data. If you go to “this” Channel (https://telegram.me/tchannels) for example, you will find a large list of interesting channels. Channels that have funny videos, beautiful images, series, movies, and many more.

1. How to watch and download films/movies with telegram channels.

The best channels allow you to watch streaming movies directly within the channel. Just join the channel, search for the movie you are interested in and click on the Play button to play the video in streaming. Free, without advertising, without registration. Convenient!

Some channels allow you to search for movies, but then you have to play them through external sites, which are usually full of invasive banners and advertisements. In principle, these channels under the name of the film have a button that must be pressed and which refers you to an external site on which you can watch (and in some cases download) the streaming video. Less comfortable than the first method, but still works

As anticipated, it is NOT always possible to download movies. Only certain channels allow you to download films from Telegram. However, when a channel shares a movie and offers the possibility to download it, you can follow these simple steps:

Step 1:
Search a channel for the movie you want.

Step 2:
instead of pressing the PLAY button (which would start streaming), press the button at the top left, the one with the cloud icon, which allows you to start downloading the film from Telegram directly on your device ( smartphone, tablet, PC ..)

And here you have understood how to download movies from Telegram in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Additionally tips

In principle, all Telegram channels that offer links to watch streaming movies  are very similar to each other:

The links almost always refer to external sites where there is a lot of advertising, annoying pop-ups and banners appear. For this reason, I suggest you open these links with a browser that has an integrated Adblock in order to block and keep at bay all the advertising that often opens.

The audio and video quality of the films depends: the most recent films (those just released in the cinema) have audio or video of low or just sufficient quality, while those already released on DVD or BluRay have much better audio and video quality.

In some channels, in addition to the possibility to watch streaming movies, you can also download films from Telegram to click directly on your device to watch it offline and without internet connection.

2. How to watch and download videos/movies with telegram bots.

Using telegram Bots you can also download and watch movies, series, films or videos. You can either make use of Tv Series Bot (@TvSeriesRoBot) or MuviBot (@MuviBot). It is a Bot that allows you to download the latest series. As soon as you register on it, follow the simple steps:

  1. Initiate a chat with @TvSeriesRoBot
  2. Type: / list
  3. – The Bot answers: “Which Series do you want”
  4. – Respond by typing the name of the series you are looking for: Empire (for example)
  5. – It notifies you that the series has been found and asks you to choose the season you want
  6. – You choose the season and it offers you the available episodes. After a few episodes, it offers an internal link so that you can download the episode of the series that interests you.

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