How To Monitor Social Media Activity Like a Pro: 5 Tips

by Abbey banji

The use of social media apps is widespread and rising rapidly every day. However, the intended use of this opportunity entirely relies on the user. It depends on how the users perpetuate this medium, for good or bad. Almost every individual is aware of the functionality of social media and how it works. But only an act of ignorance can turn the table around and transmit into an issue.



However, monitoring social media activity is possible and can be done remotely on your laptop, computer, and tablet using a social media and smartphone monitoring app. Along with the IM monitoring, you can track the target user call logs, browsing history, multimedia, text messages, etc.

Why Do You Need to monitor someone’s Social Media Activity?

There should be many reasons why people need to monitor someone’s social media activity. Some of them are:

To track their kids’ activities:

In the world of technology, everybody has access to smartphones. Although, kids get access to tablets and mobile phones and get their hands on social media apps at an early age. Their extravagant approach to such platforms can lead them to immoral behaviors, and they can become the victims of cyberbullying. Parents should monitor their social media activities and limit their watch time to ensure the safety of their kids and to restrict them from doing illegal acts.

To monitor their employees’ activities:

Some business owners usually do not prefer to check the employees’ background and references. Sometimes, that becomes troublesome as the employee turns out to be unfaithful towards the company, and as a result, the company has to bear the loss on their behalf. However, it is better to take precautionary steps instead of having to deal with the consequences later. By tracking employees’ activities, they should get an idea if their employees are working as intended and are not taking any naive steps that could cause loss to the company.

To determine their partner’s loyalty:

People who are suspicious of their partner’s activities also consider the use of social media tracking applications to monitor their spouse’s social activities. They make use of a social media and smartphone monitoring app, of which Xnspy is a significant example, to find out who their partner is texting and whatever suspicious activities they are secretly engaged in.

What is Xnspy?

Xnspy is a spyware application that helps with monitoring the social media activity of the target user. Although social media apps are the fastest and most reliable means of communication, there are also some downsides of social media. The user can quickly become the victim of cyberbullying and physical assault. Just in case, Xnspy helps people monitor the target user’s online activities and restricts them from sharing any personal information on social media.

How to Monitor Social Media Activity with Xnspy

To monitor social media with Xnspy, you will need to install the app on the target phone first. Then you can remotely access the device from your laptop, PC, tablet, and smartphone. This is how you do it, step-by-step.

  1. Visit to buy a subscription plan for device monitoring.
  2. After subscribing, you will receive an email containing the user guide, app download link, and login credentials.
  3. Open the link on the target device to install Xnspy on it. Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.
  4. After installation, Xnspy will take a minute to copy the data from the target phone.
  5. Once the process is completed, visit on your laptop to get remote access to the target device.
  6. Enter the received credentials to log in to Xnspy.
  7. Go to the “Dashboard” (which is your Xnspy online account) and select Instant Messenger from the drop-down menu to see the list of social media apps.
  8. Click on the app icon you want to monitor. A window will open up in front of you and you can see their social media records with the date and time stamps.

However, to make your social media monitoring experience better and uninterrupted, there are a few things that need to be followed. The following are the five tips to monitor social media activity like a pro.

5 Tips to Monitor Social Media Activity on Any Phone


1) Maintain an active internet connection at all times

High-speed internet is a must for monitoring someone’s social media activity. The monitoring apps utilize the internet connection to intercept the data available on the target device, and with the help of Wi-Fi snipping, these apps can transfer the data from a device to an online portal. Xnspy works on the same strategy to gather information from the target device and make a record of it on its online dashboard, which can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

The monitoring apps use internet connectivity to keep updating the online portal or dashboard with the real-time activity of the target device. A weak internet connection may interrupt the data transfer process and the app does not collect the data properly.

2) Ensure the devices have ample storage

Although the recorded data utilize the storage capacity of the dashboard, the application requires space on the target phone to be installed successfully. A space of 10MBs is required for the Xnspy monitoring app to be installed on an Android or iOS device. So, before starting to monitor social media activity on any phone, ensure the device has ample storage space for the app.

3) Enable GPS at all times

Turning the GPS on all the time is a must to trace where the target device user is and what they are doing. Moreover, the tracker can find out if the device user is setting up a meeting with some stranger whom they are going to meet for the first time without knowing any background.

In most cases, kids get easily impressed with flattering statements of culprits and open up in front of them with personal information. And employers can find out if any of their employees are making any deals with competitors and trying to sell them out. GPS location tracking will let the tracker know to whom the target person is meeting and when.

4) Grant Xnspy complete access

Xnspy has a suite of features that will require access to the target phone’s microphone, camera, and GPS to perform the monitoring function efficiently. This needs to be done while installing the Xnspy monitoring app on the target device and setting it up. Make sure to keep the settings hidden and turn off the notifications so that the target user is unaware that their phone might be spying on them.


5) Purchase the premium version

Xnspy offers a range of monitoring apps to make your social media monitoring experience better and uninterrupted. If you want to get the best user experience of Xnspy, get the premium version that has monitoring for text messages, iMessages, GPS location, multimedia, and IM apps (WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Instagram, Kik, Line, and Tinder).

Using an app is the safest and most reliable way to monitor someone’s social media activity. You can simply get your hands on the situation if something wrong is about to happen. However, follow the above-mentioned tips for a better monitoring experience with Xnspy. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below to clear up any doubts in your mind.

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Alan Smith June 30, 2022 - 11:00 am

I think it is essential to keep track of your kid’s activities and what they are posting on social media.


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