Sites to Download Portable Programs: the BEST Updated

by Solomon
Best sites to find Portable programs

Here are the best updated sites to download ALL Portable apps and programs, both free and paid ones. Discover the updated list

Best sites to find Portable programs

Best sites to find Portable programs

Best sites to find Portable programs

Let’s go back to talking about Portable programs , which are highly appreciated by Wapzola readers , but not only.

In the past, in case you missed it, we published a super article where we collected the best Portable programs that cannot be missing from your USB stick ; here is the direct link to reread it quickly: Portable programs: the best to keep on the USB stick .

Today, however, we are going to see which are the best websites currently available from which to download Portable apps and programs , which therefore do not require any installation and can be started from a USB stick or external hard drive.

In fact, there are hundreds of sites for downloading Portable apps and programs , but many are unreliable, full of advertising and, more seriously, they download viruses and malware instead of the programs you are interested in.

That’s why I decided to share this super tested and updated list which includes the best sites from which to download Portable apps and programs for free.

Without getting lost in chatter, I would say to get straight to the point and see which sites I have selected for you.

Sites to Download Portable Programs

Here is the list of my favorite sites , obviously all thoroughly tested :

  •  – inside you will find all legal content . It’s super up-to-date, offers quick and straightforward downloads, and most importantly, it’s super secure.
  •  – inside you will find all legal content . Another excellent site, super updated and safe. It contains fewer apps than others, but all the most important ones are there
  •  – inside you will find all legal content . Very similar to the previous one
  • – inside you will find all legal content . Same thing as before

On the sites just listed you will find many legal, freeware and free Portable programs, such as:

  • CCleaner portable
  • Firefox portable
  • TeamViewer portable
  • Chrome portable
  • VLC portable
  • Recuva portable
  • Speccy portable
  • CPU Z portable
  • Thunderbird portable
  • Notepad++ portable
  • 7 zip portable
  • LibreOffice portable
  • Utorrent portable
  • Caliber portable
  • Gimp portable
  • Opera portable
  • jDownloader portable
  • Skype portable
  • WinRAR portable

The following sites, unlike the previous ones, allow you to download portable versions of programs that normally require payment for free. On these portals, for example, you can find:

  • Photoshop portable
  • Lightroom portable
  • Audacityportable
  • Office portable
  • Autocad portable

and many more!

But now let’s see what these sites are:

Do you know any others?

If you think some sites are missing from the list, let us know using the comments at the end of the article! We will test it and put it on the list.

Install an AdBlocker!

To be on the safe side, however, I recommend installing an AdBlocker on your internet browser, which is a free extension that blocks advertising on websites , especially those that let you download apps, games and programs for free.

Often, in fact, advertising buttons appear on some sites offering you to download programs: while you think you are downloading the app you are interested in, in reality you are downloading something completely different (and often it is software that weighs down and slows down your computer).

Furthermore, an AdBlocker prevents the classic pop-up advertising windows from opening with every click.

In short, it is an ESSENTIAL extension for surfing the internet nowadays.

If you use the Chrome browser I recommend you try these, which are also available for other browsers: AdBlock for Chrome: The Best for Blocking Ads


Portable programs: what are they?

Before closing with the article, I would like to clarify for a moment about portable programs for Windows PCs , since many people don’t know what they are and how they work.

When we talk about portable or portable applications or “portable apps”  we are referring to those  applications or programs for Windows that are NOT installed on the PC.  These apps, in fact, work without installation: they are downloaded from the internet, placed on the PC or on a USB stick, and started in one click without installation.

What advantages do portable programs have?

The advantages are many:

  • without installation,  it takes up less space on your PC
  • you can always carry them with you , perhaps on a USB stick or external hard drive
  • they can be used on all those Windows PCs in which there is a  block to the installation of new applications or programs  (at work, at school, at university..)
  • portable programs, when used,  leave no traces  in the system registry: it is as if they “did not exist” (only if you start them from an external USB stick)
  • they work on any Windows PC

Do you now better understand the importance and convenience of  portable programs for Windows PCs? 

Doubts or questions?

If you have any other doubts or questions, feel free to use the comments space at the end of the article.

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