What’s Good Internet Speed? How To Upgrade Your Internet?

by Abbey banji

Undoubtedly, technology has captured every field of life. Today we can’t even spend a single day without using the internet. The Internet has become a basic necessity for every individual. Whether it is study, business, day-to-day communication, or entertainment, everything requires a good internet connection.



The current generation can survive without food but not without the internet. The internet has made communication and learning much more comfortable. You can get answers to any query on the internet. Moreover, you can also learn new skills. Not only this, but it is also helpful in other business dealings. From children to adults, the internet is everyone’s need.

Since the internet supplier has to provide enough internet to every connection, we usually face bluffing in our internet speed. Hence you can use the Airtel Speed Test Tool to check your connection speed and smoothly continue your work.

Are you also facing a problem with your internet speed? If you also want to know how to upgrade the internet speed, stick to the article.

How to Upgrade Internet Speed?

Whether it is a zoom meeting or video streaming, internet speed buffering causes inconvenience everywhere. In the online world, good internet speed is a basic requirement. Therefore, if you also want to improve your internet speed and have a buffer-free meeting, you can follow these simple tips and improve your internet speed within 15 minutes.

Restart your modem to the router

If your modem is not working properly, unplug it and restart it after 30 seconds. This allows the modem to clear up any glitches. Your modem is the primary translator of internet speed at your workplace. So it is most likely to be troublesome.

Find a more accessible location for your router

It is recommended to place your modem or router at the center of the workplace. Or where it has the most use. As the signals might get interrupted if the router is placed too far.

Change the frequency band on your WiFi

The frequency band has a direct connection with the speed and quality of your internet. Sometimes the band troubleshoots to switch to another to get a better internet connection.

Readjust your router’s antennas

Usually, routers and wireless gateways have internal antennas but if your router has antennas, try to readjust them to a position where they emit most signals.

Increase your Wi-Fi network’s range

If you are still facing a poor speed issue, you can look for some other device that can extend your device’s signals.

Cutout unnecessary connection

Another way to improve speed is to only connect urgent devices to the connection. This will lower the load on the internet. You can simply reboot your router or change your password to discard all unnecessary devices.

Set a new frequency channel for the WiFi

The frequency channels usually get crowded when they are excessively in use. So change your frequency channel to the best fit.

Switch to a faster internet service

Check your internet’s speed using Airtel Speed Test. Sometimes the internet speed doesn’t amplify the user’s consumption. In such cases, you can only find some other internet resources with a higher connection speed.

Replace your outdated equipment

Sometimes, the problem of internet speed is not due to poor connection, but the equipment is outdated. This affects their efficiency and gives you a poor speed experience. In such cases, you need to replace them firsthand.

Upgrade the router’s firmware

Your router is a small operating system that manages the traffic and routing of your internet. So like all other software it also requires an update: in this situation known as firmware. This can improve the performance and security of your device.

What is Good Internet Speed?

According to experts, a good download speed is over 100 Mbps, while a good upload speed should be 20 Mbps. If your internet speed lies near 100 Mbps, then you enjoy hassle-free online gaming, zoom meeting, and live streaming.


Hence, you can use the Airtel speed test to check your internet speed and make amendments to make your online work stress free.

However, in today’s busy world, 100 Mbps speed is only sufficient for basic users. But the expert’s demand has increased to 1 Gbps download speed.

Bottom Line

The Internet has become the basic need of every individual in this world of technology. Therefore, to ensure bluffer-free work, you can use the Airtel speed test to check your internet speed. This will let you know your internet speed and aid you in troubleshooting poor connection issues. Hence, you can smoothly continue your work without any hassle or bother.


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