Nodersok/Divergent a new malware undetectable by most antivirus

by Abbey banji


Nodersok, also known as Divergent, is a new malware that goes unnoticed by anti-virus programs and has already infected thousands of computers around the world, mostly in Europe and the United States. The consequences could be significant, so it is best to prepare for it.

This is a virus that uses online advertising to sneak into computers, although it does not install. That’s why it’s very difficult to detect, as reported by Microsoft and the Cisco cybersecurity company.

How Divergent or Nodersok malware works and spreads:

The special feature of Nodersok (or Divergent, as Cisco has called it) is that, instead of being installed via a malicious file, it uses the functions of the operating system or third-party tools to break into the PC, while disabling the antivirus protection. By using programs considered legitimate by the operating system and not stored on the computer, its tracing is very complicated.

How it spreads?

This virus infects computers through online advertising, using the Node.js framework (a program that runs JavaScript outside of internet browsers) and WinDivert, an open-source software that allows the capture and diversion of packages for versions of Windows 2008, 7, 10, and 2016.

Once it infects a computer, the virus begins to browse the pages in order to generate monetization through fake clicks on online advertising. At the same time, it uses proxy servers to continue spreading to other PCs.

How to protect yourself from Nodersok or Divergent Adware Virus:

Nodersok mainly attacks personal computers, so we advise you to be vigilant. Microsoft recommended to avoid running HTA files (or HTML applications, applications that act with HTML and CSS pages similar to .exe files). Do not save the history of your downloads. It is also advisable to keep your antivirus always up-to-date to receive updates and fixes that limit device vulnerability as soon as possible.

If you’re running a business, consider using SAML, which is Security Assertion Markup Language. This improves security if users need to login into a platform, as they don’t need to remember multiple passwords and usernames.

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