The 9 best free email software for Windows in year 2019

by Abbey banji
9 best free email software for Windows
9 best free email software for Windows

free email software window

This will be your best option if you are still looking for the best free email software in 2019. Here we have selected the best 9 that will meet your needs, scroll down below and continue reading to make your choice.

Although most email providers offer web access (webmail) to access your messages, it is more easy to manage your mails from desktop software, e.g. an email client installed on your Windows computer. One of the advantages of an email client is that you can access your emails even while offline (No internet connection), with a better interface and more features.

Below are the 9 best free alternatives to the Microsoft Outlook 365 paid software:

1. Mozilla Thunderbird


Mozilla_Thunderbird email software

Mozilla Thunderbird is a multiplatform messaging application available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Coming from the Mozilla Foundation, it is one of the simplest and most complete open source messaging software. Totally free, no junk or bloatware and a large catalog of extensions is available to complement the many native features of Thunderbird (like the Lightning Calendar). We would advise you without hesitation to choose the Mozilla Thunderbird, it is simple and easy to use.

2. Zimbra Desktop

zimbra desktop software

Zimbra desktop email client

Zimbra desktop offers a collaborative and opensource messaging suite developed and maintained by its opensource community and Synacor. Zimbra is widely used by service providers to provide their clients with a fully functional webmail (as is the case with OVH, Gandi, etc.). In addition to this suite that seriously competes with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, Zimbra Desktop is a free and open-source email software available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is compatible with current mail protocols and synchronizes your contacts and your calendar between the different mailboxes of users. Zimbra Desktop will naturally suit your needs in a professional environment.

3. SeaMonkey

seamonkey messaging application

Seamonkey messaging application windows

SeaMonkey is another messaging application from the Mozilla Foundation just like Thunderbird. SeaMonkey is a messaging application from the Mozilla Foundation as is Thunderbird. In addition to being opensource and free, SeaMonkey focuses on all in one to provide a Web browser, a NewsGroup reader, an RSS reader, an HTML editor, and various development tools in one and the same software. SeaMonkey is therefore intended for advanced users or developers. Because this application sources come from Mozilla, the interface and operation are almost the same with Firefox and Thunderbird. If you are an experienced advanced user and you like the many features of SeaMonkey, you can go ahead and download it here.

4. eM Client

eM Client is a messaging software

eM Client is a messaging software for Windows

eM Client is a messaging software for Windows with many features and a modern interface. It provides a calendar, a task manager, a contact manager, and a chat module. Its ease of use and configuration makes eM Client software accessible to any user. Its free version can connect up to two email accounts. With the PRO version, you can attach more, have support in case of problems and can use it for commercial purposes.

5. Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail Windows email client

Pegasus Mail free Windows email client

Pegasus Mail is a Windows email client known for its security and its many features. Its unfriendly interface and very old school will discourage the most novice users. If you care about visuals and ergonomics, go your way, if not, Pegasus Mail is for you.

6. Incredimail

Incredimail imessaging software

Incredimail free messaging software

Incredimail is a family messaging software that has long been known for its ease of use. You will find many emoticons, animated maps, backgrounds to decorate your mails and make them more “cool”. This software is more for people looking for simplicity and eager to make their messages more fun.

7. Foxmail


Foxmail free email software

Foxmail is a Chinese originated email software, free but not opensource. Belonging to Tencent, this software is very popular in Asia and it is available in English Language. It offers many features and can be used nomadically on the USB stick.

8. Mail

Microsoft Mail application

Microsoft Mail application windows 10

Mail is the Microsoft Mail application included with Windows 10. It replaces Outlook Express that came with older versions of Windows. The Microsoft Mail application allows you to receive messages from multiple accounts and it is fully integrated with Windows 10. This means that you will be notified of the arrival of new messages in your Windows 10 notification center. open Mail from Windows 10, just open the start menu and then type “Mail”.

9. Claws Mail

Claws Mail messaging application

Claws Mail messaging application

Claws Mail is an open-source software known from the Linux world. Contributors have decided to bring this project to Windows to offer a small software with a simple interface, common with most other messaging applications, with functions of import/export in Mbox format and plugins.

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