Guide to install Play Store and Google services on Fire HD 8 2020 Edition

by Abbey banji


Fire HD 8 2020 edition: how to install the Play Store and Google services. This is an easy and quick guide to use all Google apps on your Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet. It has been confirmed that there is no Play Store pre-installed on this tablet, but there is a way you can easily install it manually. Below, in the easiest and fastest way possible, I will explain how to do everything directly from the tablet, without the need for a computer or a microSD.

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Install the Play Store and Google services on Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 edition (FireOS 7)

Step 1: On your Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet launch settings, click on Security and Privacy, click on Silk browser, and grant permission to install from unknown sources.

Step 2: Now open your Silk browser and for each of the links below you have to download the apk, open it and install it directly on your tablet by clicking on it directly from the notification dropdown:

1. Google Play Store apk (I always install this apk the first time in the beginning and a second at the end, perhaps it is optional but I do so because statistically, it leads me to a 100% success rate).
2. Google Play Services
3. Google Services Framework
4. Google Account Manager
5. Google Play Store

Step 3: At the end of these operations you will find the Play Store icon on your home screen which you can directly open.
Step 4: You will be asked to sign in with your Google Account and two-factor authentication is also regularly supported.

The first app that I recommend you download is Google followed by Google Home, as there are services that will require it. Then surely YouTube, which also supports picture-in-picture and, afterward, everything you need. The only thing that I haven’t been able to make at the moment is home automation. However, if I manage to solve it I will explain how in a future article or updating this guide.


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