[Download][Repair] How to Fix Network Error, Imei repair and NVRAM Backup For all MediaTek devices.

[Download][Repair] How to Fix Network Error, Imei repair and NVRAM Backup For all MediaTek devices. 5

You should know the MTK Baseband (radio) is controlled by the NVRAM which you can find in data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI and a file called MP0B_001.
If this file is corrupted / Missing, your IMEI will be gone and you cant connect anymore. I will be providing a download link to my NVRAM BACKUP that works with all MTK DEVICES such as e.g TECNO, GIONEE, INFINIX E.T.C

There are many reasons your phone NVRAM can be corrupted. If you like tweaking your phone and installing custom roms you should backup your phone Nvram sector in a very different folder. A full rom backup is not enough because most of the time, it won’t backup your Nvram. In this post i will be providing a solution on how to repair a corrupted phone NVRAM and also repair your IMEI using MTKdroidTools on your pc.

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[Download] NVram Backup Database File Collections 2019 

What is NVRAM

NVRAM is a Modem file built into an android device firmware that is used by the hardware baseband module to read SIMCARD, conect and give network signal through a 15 digit code known as IMEI. An NVRAM error can cause Invalid/Null IMEI number and lost of network Signal.

A Corrupted or deleted NVRAM can cause problems like:

 1.WiFi related issue and your phone shows “NVRAM WARNING err 0x10” massage in the notification-bar.
2.You will get “NVRAM WARNING: Err=0x10” when you search for other wireless devices, and Even when you see your wireless router and connect to it, it keeps disconnecting.
3.Not detecting SIM card
4.No imei and baseband;
5.Even after restoring the imei using MTK DROID TOOLS, it still do not get network signal.


STEP 2: Download MTK droid tools HERE
STEP 3 : Enable USB Debugging on your Android Device. To enable USB debugging: Open Settings > About Phone > Built Number (Tap on it for 5-8 times). Now, Again go to the Settings > Developer Option > USB Debugging > Tick to Enable.
STEP 4: Connect your Android Device to the computer.
STEP 5: (Important!!!) Move the NVRAM.tar FILE you downloaded to  MTKDROIDTOOLS FOLDER check screenshot below

[Download][Repair] How to Fix Network Error, Imei repair and NVRAM Backup For all MediaTek devices. 6

STEP 7:  Open MTKDroidTools.exe on your computer and wait till it loads your android device information.
STEP 8: Now, in MTK Droid Tools, Click on the Root button to get root permission on your android device.
STEP 9: Now, Click on IMEI/NVRAM button.
STEP 10: Now, click on the Restore button then it will ask you for a .tar or .bin file.
STEP 11:  Locate the data NVRAM.TAR file you downloaded from BackupNVRAM folder and your NVRAM data will be restored instantly. 

You  can check out the video below for more:

How To Restore Your Original Phone Imei Back MTK droid tools:

STEP 1. Download MTK droid tools
STEP 2. Download PdaNet
STEP 3. Enable USB debugging on the phone then connect it to the PC (don’t enable mass storage)
STEP 4. Install PdaNet on the PC with the phone connected; you should get a message saying drivers installed successfully.
STEP 5. Extract then launch MTK droid tools on the PC (still with phone connected to PC)
STEP 6. MTK droid tools should detect and display your phones details
STEP 8. Supply the IMEI(s) then click replace
STEP 9. Restart your phone if it isn’t automatically restarted
STEP 10. Your IMEI issue should have been resolved.

You Can Request more NVRAM Backup or ask any questions in the comment section below thanks.

Simple Method To Backup And Restore Your Mtk IMEI Using Recovery

This tool can backup your current nvram(IMEI+WIFI MAC) folder from data
partition to external sdcard & can restore it in any ROM. This is
useful when wiping data partition.

  • Download MTK Nvram Tool Here
  • Copy downloaded zip into Sdcard
  • Reboot into recovery ( Any custom recovery like Cwm/Twrp)
  • Choose install zip from Sdcard
  • Select MTK Nvram Tool
  • Done

Remember an external Sd-Card is required

How To Restore Your Phone Imei If You Didn’t Backup

If you get invalid/null imei  after flashing a new custom rom and you didn’t backup up you working imei, there is a little tool that can help you fix this. You just have to reboot to recovery and flash it, follow this simple steps:

  • Download IMEI Fix Tool Here
  • Copy downloaded zip into Sdcard
  • Reboot into recovery ( Any custom recovery like Cwm/Twrp)
  • Choose install zip from Sdcard
  • Select IMEI Fix.zip
  • Done

Download MTK NVram Backup File

Collections of NVram and Tar /Bin Backups file you can download and Restore using Using SP Flash Tool, MTK Droid tools NVRAM, TWRP recovery NVRAM or Miracle Box NVRAM backups & Permanent Fix Invalid IMEI Error, WIFI and 3G / WCDMA only issue  on all MediaTek, Qualcomm and Spreadtrum device android Smartphones.
Click to Download Your NVram Backup File

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  1. Hello,
    I use this for my network error problem,
    But while selecting it asked to select. . bin file also,
    So i untick bin regian and load tar file but after loading it i got error ":file/data/local/tmp/nvram UnTar"

    I have gionee p3.

  2. the links you created for the MTK droid tools and the NVMRAm is not working. i want to try this method with my infinix zero, it just suddenly stopped seeing my two sim cards


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