LG G3 Cons and Problems

by Abbey banji
LG G3 Cons and Problems 15
Lg G3

  This are the cons and the problems I hate about the lg g3 which are just my personal  opinion, I do not actually dislike the LG G3 I like the phone but there are just some cons and disadvantages I think I dislike about it.

The Battery Life:

    The battery life is very poor on the Lg G3, but actually the battery life on the phone is not awful, it just depend on your usage the battery can last a day with medium usage. The G3 has a large battery capacity but thanks to the device screen resolution display it drains the battery very quickly. The battery is similar to the new IPhone 6 and not has good has the new HTC flagship devices.

The speaker:

LG G3 Cons and Problems 16
LG G3 Back Speaker

    Another problem about the Lg G3 is that the speaker is back facing, that means when you are listening to something it feels distance and the sounds is pointing away from you . That means if you want to get the best sound quality from the speaker you have to cup/cover your hands over it, which just feels stupid.

   Companies like HTC have been Producing front facing Speaker for some  years now, and it makes their phone sounds feel superior. I do understand while LG  have done that, it because of the large display on the G3 if it has a front facing speaker it might make the device feels too big.

LG G3 Plastic Back:

LG G3 Cons and Problems 17
plastic back

    The look of the back is extremely premium it has a brush aluminum effect look and very light weight in hand. However the back is made of plastic which doesn’t feel very nice in the hand, it feels better than Samsung galaxy s5, but it doesn’t feels nice in the hand like aluminum or glass. If LG did use one of this materials it would have increase the weight of the device and the price, so I think that is one of the reasons they use a plastic back.

Performers is not perfect:

    The performers is definitely not poor, it actually have a very great performers. It also has great and fantastic specifications, however when doing task especially multitasking you will get some lags, some applications just take a bit longer to open or responding to button presses. The LG G3 has a quad core processor and 2gig /3gig of ram. This is one of the best spec you can get on a mobile phone at the moment, the little lag is not a massive problem and it doesn’t stop you from buying the phone.

Rom Support:

    The lack of developer support might really be a problem for some people, it took the developer two weeks ago for them to be able to unlock the boot-loader, if you don’t know what a rom is I will advise you check out the XDA forum. At the moment only one rom is out for the G3 and am impressed on how the developers has quickly made a rom for the phone, since they have just unlock the device two weeks ago.

    Overall the LG  G3 is a very great phone with brilliant performers and great spec too. But I guess there is no perfect phone, each device have but their Pros and Cons. Users experiences are always very different when it comes to using a phone, as we all use our phone in different ways.


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