Lg G2 cons and problems

by Abbey banji
Lg G2 cons and problems 9

This are the cons and the problems I face while using the Lg G2, That I don’t really like about the phone.  This are only my personal Opinion and experience, plus the disadvantages of the phone  other users may have different issues/experiences.

Speaker volume/ media playback is too low:

One of the Lg G2 major problem is that the speaker volume for media playback is low, it is really low compared to other phones.

The speaker for media is way too low and Bluetooth lags for video streaming. Also some media apps like my local cable app optimum and ABC go are not supported on this phone which is a shame since the phone have such a beautiful screen.

Photo edit in gallery:

Any edits you do to photos in the gallery will automatically compress it down to 400kb or so, which makes the photos useless and loses quality.

Phone getting Hot while browsing:

Also on A&t the battery drain from android system is a pain. I Hate that the back of the phone gets really hot close to the power button and This has typically been under light web browsing on 4g.

Back/Gorilla Glass:

The Back of the phone is still really slippery. Gorilla glass 2 is also terrible as I have gotten some fine scratches on the front that has forced me to  use of a screen protector.

Ui isn’t Impressive:

I Hate the Lg G2  UI it Cant be compared to  the  Lg g3 now in which I love the UI.

The old optimums UI on my  G2 is really cluttered and annoying.

The Button Arrangement:

   At first I thought my main issue would be the slippery back, but that hasn’t really been a problem after having the phone for 3 months. The main issue I have is that I frequently press home by accident when I ‘m trying to press something else, such as putting the

cursor in the text input line of a text message. My previous phone had soft-keys too, but I didn’t have that problem. Must have something to do with how the size of my hands aligns with the size of the phone.

   Overall the Lg  g2 is a very great phone with brilliant performers and great spec too. But I guess there is no perfect phone, each device have but their Pros and Cons. Users experiences are always very different when it comes to using a phone, as we all use our phone in different ways.

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