All About Deleting Activation lock MDM Configuration Profile on iPhone or iPad.

by Abbey banji
All About Deleting Activation lock MDM Configuration Profile on iPhone or iPad. 12

What is the MDM configuration profile (remote management profile)?

   For iOS operating system, there are configuration profiles, with which you can flexibly configure Apple devices for corporate use. MDM profile (Mobile Device Management) allows a company or organization to install and configure an employee iPhone, iPad, iMac or MacBook with the  company’s own remote management profile. That means the administrator (company) of the enterprise environment MDM when configured on an iDevice, can disable the features, install and uninstall programs, monitor, track the employee’s location, restrict Internet traffic, and even block or even wipe the Apple device remotely.

Why can’t i activate an iPhone or iPad on which corporate MDM remote management profile is installed?

   Every corporate Apple device, whether it’s an iPhone or an iPad, on which remote management profile is installed, is always protected by a unique login and password that is assigned to each employee by the IT department administrator.

   On corporate devices, an additional level of authentication is created, which is different from Apple id (iCloud) activation, all user credentials (login, password) are not stored on the Apple server, but directly on the company’s profile configurator. In view of this, you can only delete an MDM profile from an iPhone or iPad directly with an administrator (company), contacting Apple Support will not work or remove it.

How do I remove (bypass) a MDM lock from an iPhone or iPad?

   The market of used smartphones is growing every year, many users prefer to buy a second-hand iPhone or iPad, since not everyone can afford a new one. Some of them belong to former employees of companies and on most of them MDM profile is still installed.

   If you purchased an Apple device that has a corporate MDM remote management profile installed and want to remove the activation lock, you can easily delete the corporate lock from the device by contacting the original company support service from which the configuration profile was installed and asking the employee IT department (administrator) to delete your device serial number or IMEI from the company database so that you can go through activation and set up your iPhone / iPad as new.

   We can also help you get rid of MDM activation blocking! To do this, a software called iActivate was created to provides a quick solution for circumventing and removing the Mobile Device Management configuration profile on any iOS device. It will cost you $40 you can download the software HERE to get started.

   If you see a message on your iPhone screen like this: ” Corporation will automatically configure your iPhone ” ( The company will automatically configure your iPhone ), or ( Enter your credentials to authenticate your device ), this means that your device activation lock (MDM) is installed, which should be removed, since this iPhone is still under the control (controlled) by the organization.

All About Deleting Activation lock MDM Configuration Profile on iPhone or iPad. 13

 Attention! Do not confuse MDM lock with Apple id activation, iActivate tool can not delete MDM remote management profile if “Find iPhone” feature is enabled on your device.

What do I need to order an MDM lock deletion?

Make sure that your device does indeed have a blocking of the activation of the mobile device management profile (MDM) that needs to be bypassed.

Advantages of removing MDM lock:

  • IActivate is universal (suitable for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • You do not need to additionally install or remove third-party certificates!
  • Our software is very simple to use, you do not need to be a computer specialist, the program will do everything for you, well, almost 🙂
  • All iOS versions are supported, including the newest iOS 11.XX
  • Support for Windows operating systems (x32, x64)
  • Bypassing the activation blocking of the MDM profile takes only a few minutes!
  • Simply connect the iPhone or iPad to your computer and after launching the iActivate program will immediately determine your Apple device namely IMEI, Serial Number, UDID, iOS version and even there)!
  • As you already guessed this solution is very simple and fast, but unfortunately temporary. The lock can return if you decide to restore your iPhone / iPad, reflash it to the latest version of iOS or go to a previous version of the firmware. But do not worry, because you can always remove the MDM lock again.
  • Immediately after the MDM remote management profile is deleted – do not forget to back up your activated device. Use iCloud or iTunes and save the backup file for later use.
  • Do not allow any company to monitor your daily activities. Unblock your corporate iPhone or iPad for personal use. Live to the fullest and enjoy your device without any restrictions!

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Anonymous January 6, 2019 - 6:10 pm

thank you for this article. i have been looking for a way to bypass mdm locked on my iPhone 7 and this has guide me through


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