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7 ways to avoid iCloud unlock scam ( Never fall a Victim)

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7 ways to avoid iCloud unlock scam ( Never fall a Victim)

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7 ways to avoid iCloud unlock scam ( Never fall a Victim) 5

   Icloud Remove Service is a server base service that is use to UNLOCK/REMOVE iCloud lock device from previous owner Account. Thereby Erasing the previous Owner data from the device and becomes totally fresh to a New User. With all the providers flooding the market, it can be very difficult to  differentiate between a legitimate/genuine icloud unlocks and the fakes or scammers. The truth is that all the tricks, bypass and available software, don’t work anymore although some of them may still be possible with older versions Of  iOS only.

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   After spending 90 hours online to unlock my iPhone 6s, i found nothing but all scams. Having an iPhone locked to someone else iCloud account sucks. They can effectively hold you ransom and make you pay whatever they wanted, to get access to the phone you’ve already paid for and nobody wants that. If you have an icloud locked device, there are many available services and you can avoid their scams without having to pay them a cent.

This guide will teach you the 7 ways you can avoid or prevent icloud unlock scams in the year 2018 and never fall a victim.

1. Always check the prices and cost (Avoid Cheap Unlocking Services):

   The lower the price the more chances of you been scammed, icloud unlock are always expensive. Price range varied greatly between providers. These service comes in CLEAN IMEI SERVICE and LOST IMEI SERVICE. Some can be as little as $15 whilst others can be as much as $200. It is difficult to determine the cost of Unlocking an iPhone, not only because too many online icloud unlocking companies and individuals emerge every day, but because prices keeps on changing. Most of them make use of Apple GSX Server to remove previous owner accounts or by using device IMEI which are always very  expensive, so beware of cheap prices.

2. Make Use of CHARGEBACK. (Credit card or Paypal):

   If the iCloud unlocker or company will not refund your money and you paid using a credit or debit card, your card provider may agree to reverse the transaction. This is called a chargeback. In order to start a chargeback, you should contact your card provider (the bank or credit card company who issued the card) immediately. There is a timelimit on chargebacks, around 120 days. You can just charge back your debit cards on your bank’s site, mostly up to $150 if you didn’t get the service/item or if you were scammed. Contact your bank, have them reverse the payment, file a dispute. It will take some time but you will get your money back. Guaranteed, tell them that the website is flagged as a fraudulent site and they are not trying to refund you. You can also makes use of the paypal seller protection for a cover, it works the same way. Making use of a returns or refund policy is always a good idea.

3. Always test their Customer service:

   If there’s one thing that scammers and fraudsters don’t want, it’s you contacting them. Most fakes/scams icloud unlocking service provider don’t have a good and supportive customer support line. They don’t always answer messages or they are very rude in their reply, i recommend testing the service provider three times during the course of the unlocking process:

  • Before the purchase.
  • After the purchase but before the unlock is complete.
  • After the unlock is complete.

This is to get a comprehensive understanding of who was really there to help and who is there just to take your money. The most reputable sites have multiple means of communication made available to you, typically including physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and online chat systems.

4. Always check the Unlock Time and duration:

Many providers who claims they can remove icloud within 24 hours period are fakes or scammers. Time and duration for iCloud unlocks can range from 2 days to 2 weeks maximum , so you need to be very patient depending on the status of your iPhone/iPad.

5. Avoid iCloud online Bypass softwares and tools:

Most of them don’t work, avoid downloading or paying for software/tools you find on the internet. They always contain virus, trojan and backdoor which can hurt your computer and data.

6. Do some research and look up reviews from multiple ranking sites, social media or forums:

  Most popular iCloud unlockers, companies, websites or individuals, have
been rated and ranked somewhere else. You may be able to find reviews from
others on just how trustworthy or untrustworthy they actual is. If
you can’t find anything about them you should proceed with caution. You
can do a simple google search by adding SCAMS to the end of the website or individual names
like the screenshot below E.g Scams

7 ways to avoid iCloud unlock scam ( Never fall a Victim) 6

If you can’t find anything about your desired icloud removal service provider, then you should proceed with caution.

7. Always Check for a social media presence:

   Checking for a social media presence is also a good idea, if you do see an active social media presence, the chances that that site is fake go down to zero. But you should also be very careful too, some fraudulent sites will have fake social media posts included on the website as images that you can’t actually interact with or will have fake, paid posts to make the site seem more legit.  In this case, use your better sense and check for other website features, including online genuine Reviews from real people or previous customers.


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