14 Things I hate About the New iPhone SE

by Abbey banji
14 Things I hate About the New iPhone SE 15

    The price of iPhone SE, presented on March 21 in Cupertino, was lower than the usual Apple smartphones prices. But still very expensive! In Nigeria, the price of a new iphone SE with a minimum of 16-gigabyte version will cost you #110,224.11 (553.890 US Dollar). This price alone can buy you a new flagship android device with more specifications, but i guess the  apple fans don’t care. In addition to the price, the iphone SE itself have some issues and lack some basic features which are all present in other smartphones within it price range.

1. A very outdated design

   During 2015, Apple sold more than 30 million smartphones, which include the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone 5C. Having concluded that users likes their small smartphones. The iphones has same designs, maybe to apple design is irrelevant –  but this is weird.The new released iphone SE looks identical to the old iphone 5s which was released 2 years ago, this design is outdated Why go back to the past designs?

2. Weak battery

   The battery in the iPhone SE was only increased by 82 mAh. Reporters have not yet tested the  battery life, but the result can already be predicted based on past observations and reports, this means a weak battery life which can only struggle to last for a day usage.

3. The lack of  USB Type-C

14 Things I hate About the New iPhone SE 16

   The USB Type-c has a great advantage and the iphone SE lack this feature. If you look at a USB Type-C cable you’ll notice that both ends look exactly the same and the plug on each end is perfectly symmetrical. With USB Type-C you can plug either end of the cable into a device and plug it in right side up or upside down. It doesn’t matter because USB Type-C is orientation agnostic. This means there’s no chance of damaging the cable–or the ports on your phone–by plugging it in the “wrong” way.

4. No external SD CARD support

   The 16gb version will cost you $580 while the 64gb version will cost $700. This means in other to increase your internal storage you will have to spend more, this doesn’t make sense. This is a smartphone capable of recording 4k video but having only 16gb of internal memory, spending $700 for an iPhone SE is just too expensive.

5. Inability to work as a removable disk

   With Too many restrictions and security: the iphone can not be directly connected to a PC, they, unlike the Android-devices cannot be used as a mass storage. You can only achieve this by jailbreaking which is very risky and you also lose your warranty. Even when using iTunes to synchronize media files between iPhone and PC. You will not be able to locate and see your files – the IOS filesystem is too secured.

6. No Dual Sim Support

   Dual sim support has been a must for all smartphones manufacturers, except Apple: The iphone only support nano-SIM format. Many iPhone and iPad users can be seen using and carrying a second phone.

7. NFC implementation

   The iPhone SE has a NFC module, but only works with the Apple Pay payment system which is not available for international users. The NFC module can be said to be virtually useless.

8. Lack of 3D Touch

   This function has remained the best features of the top Apple devices – at the moment 3D Touch is only for  iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. I guess this features is only available for apple top line of expensive gagets.

9. No Stereo audio Output

14 Things I hate About the New iPhone SE 17

   While many smartphones on other platforms had been equipped with stereo speakers for a long time, the iPhone SE, as well as all previous generation of iPhones were all equiped with mono speakers- the two grids located at the bottom of the phone is  just a design. Let wait for the iPhone 7 and see maybe Apple will include a stereo speaker.

10. No dust and moisture protection

   Congratulations!! For dropping your new iPhone in the swimming pool, all you need is just $700 for a new device! The open connectors and speakers gave the iPhoneSE no chance for survival in water, while other flagship smartphones has a protection against moisture, dust and water, apple has decided this will not be available for their iPhone SE.

11. No wireless charging

   Wireless charging is one of the best features in today smartphones, for some unknown reasons apple has decided not to include this in this device.That means coupled with an above average battery capacity you will have to take your charger everywhere you go.

12. No third party contacts and dialer available

   Even with the latest operating system software upgrade, users are still stuck with the default dailer and contact included with the iphone. This might not be a good choice for people coming from other OS sure as android and window phone.

13. Bad optical stabilization in camera

This means less high-quality in the camera and low quality pictures.


14. old version of the Touch ID

   The iphone SE has a first generation figerprint scanner known has touch ID, considering the fact the 6S and 6S Plus was equipped with the second generation of Touch ID, which is more faster and respond more quickly.

In conclusion my opinion is that the new iphone SE is still expensive, equipped with outdated components and also lack some basic features in today’s smartphones. I have to completely forget about buying an iPhone and get and Android phone, i like spending less and getting more features.

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