Ulefone Gemini vs Bluboo Dual: The battle of the budget dual cameras

by Abbey banji
Ulefone Gemini vs Bluboo Dual: The battle of the budget dual cameras 12

Which of the budget dual camera phone is the best for you?

   Today we are going to compare two different budget dual camera smartphones from two Chinese companies. Both the Ulefone Gemini and the Bluboo Dual have something in common, they are both very cheap and featured almost the same specifications with rear dual cameras that allows you captures true to life photos. Let us compare the design, display, camera, performance and price range of this smartphones.

In Design: The Bluboo Dual has a better design

In terms of design, the bluboo Dual is a clear winner, it features an aluminum alloy back case and a 2.5D curved double layered touch panel as against the high-def touch panel of the Ulefone Gemini. Both of the smartphones features a metal design, the distinctive unibody metal design with round corners of the bluboo look very classy, the fingerprint sensor is located at the back.

  The Ulefone Gemini volume and power buttons is at the left edge which is not a very good placement in our opinion, it might takes sometimes for users to get used to it. It also features a standard home physical button with an inbuilt fingerprint sensor at the front.

As a matter of fact, the dual has a better design than the Gemini.

Display: Same display slight difference

  In the display and screen section, no winner will be selected. They are both the same. Both of the two smartphones features IPS Full HD 5.5-inch display with 1080×1920 resolutions with 401 PPI density. The Gemini can sometimes be too bright, when you are using the phone in a dark environment but this problem can easily be solved by downloading a screen filter app from playstore.

In performance: The Ulefone Gemini is better

In performance the Gemini is slightly ahead of the Bluboo dual due to the 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The dual has only 2GB RAM and 16GB of memory but it has the same processor like the Gemini and they both have a MicroSD card support with memory expansion up to 256GB. Both of the smartphones are equipped with an MTK6737 low frequency processor at 1.5GHz.

The dual has an  AnTuTu benchmark score around 30,398 points, while the Gemini score a higher 30,700 points due to it 3GB of RAM for multi-tasking. In our daily usage the Gemini has a better performance.

Battery: Still the same

In terms of battery, the Gemini is powered by a non-removable 3250mAh  Li-Polymer battery which can last you a day against normal usage, it is also fast charging enabled with MediaTek Pump express. Th Bluboo Dual is powered by a 3000mAh Li-ion power high capacity battery, it has 4.35v battery core which improves the battery capacity by 15% compared to the normal 4.2v battery core. One thing to note is that the Gemini sometimes heat up on heavy usage, we hope this can be fix with a software update.


Ulefone Gemini vs Bluboo Dual: The battle of the budget dual cameras 13

   The dual lens rear camera is the unique selling point of this two smartphones. The bluboo dual is equipped with a main 13.0MP Sony IMX135 Exmor RScamera that captures static images while the second 2.0MP camera subsidiary is there to help capture the picture depth. The 8.0MP front camera can capture colorful and sharp selfies on the go.

   The Ulefone is slight better with a dual 13MP primary camera to capture images and an 8MP sub-camera to achieve the detailed depth of focus. The rest of the camera spec and features is still the same with the Dual.

   One thing you have to know is that the Bluboo Dual is slightly better in terms of taking selfie pictures, due to it 8MP front Camera. If you are selfie lover the dual might be a better choice for you. The 8MP rear sub-camera in the Gemini helps achieve the detailed depth of focus than the dual when taking pictures with the back camera, the choice is yours.

Price And Availability:

The Ulefone Gemini 4G Phablet Triple cameras smartphone is currently selling for $119 flash sale price
Check out the price and more information


BLUBOO Dual 4G Phablet Triple Cameras is available at a retail price of $127
Check out the price and more information

Both smartphones are available for worldwide use, and they are unlocked to work on most of the Network bands in the world. You can order one of them today by clicking on the above link.

The difference between Ulefone Gemini and Bluboo Dual:

Bluboo dual:

  • 2GB RAM 
  •  3000 mAh Sony battery 
  • 8MP Front Camera 
  • 13MP and 2MP Dual Rear Camera
  •  Rear fingerprint Scanner

Check out More information

Ulefone Gemini:

  • 3GB RAM 
  • 32GB Internal Storage 
  • 3250mAh Li-Polymer battery 
  • 5MP Front Camera 
  • 13MP and 8MP Dual Rear Camera 
  • Front fingerprint Scanner

Check out more Information

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