How to Download and use VN Video Editor on your PC and Mac using Android Emulator

by Abbey banji

Want to download VN Video Editor on Windows PC or Mac? Do you need to use the VN Video Editor program on your computer? Here’s what you NEED to know.



It is undeniable that VN Video Editor is currently one of the most widely used programs on Android and iOS smartphones. This is because VN Video Editor is a very powerful video editing program that allows for easy and comprehensive video editing directly from our smartphones.

In the past, video editing required the use of programs such as iMovie, Final Cut, or Premiere Pro, but now a free program like VN Video Editor is sufficient. Even the free version of VN Video Editor allows for the creation of spectacular videos to share with anyone around the world in just a few minutes.

However, VN Video Editor does have one significant drawback: it is only available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Despite this, many people are still looking for ways to download and install VN Video Editor on their Windows PC or Mac because it is a convenient and powerful program for editing and enhancing videos on the go.

As a result, there are numerous daily searches on Google from users seeking a way to use VN Video Editor on their PC. If you are one of those people looking for a way to use VN Video Editor on your PC, below, I will explain everything you need to know about this topic.

Let’s not waste any more time talking and dive into the guide!

Can VN Video Editor for PC ne installed officially on Windows PC or Mac?

First of all you have to know that today it is NOT possible to install VN Video Editor on Windows PC or Mac in an official way. Don’t waste time looking for a version of VN Video Editor for Windows PC or Mac: you won’t find it.

And even if you do find it, it’s definitely a fake program , possibly a virus or malware that seriously jeopardizes the security of files on your computer.

Therefore, I advise you NOT to download any version of VN Video Editor for Windows PC and Mac because at best it is a fake, at worst you risk losing all the files on your computer.

Best solution to use and install VN Video Editor on Windows PC or Mac?

If you want to use the Android/iOS version of VN Video Editor on your Windows PC or Mac instead of the computer-optimized program, you can use popular Android emulators.

However, I honestly do not recommend using VN Video Editor on Windows PC or Mac with Android emulators because the program would work poorly, be extremely slow, and difficult to manage.

VN Video Editor is a video editing program that is quite resource-intensive even when used on powerful and modern smartphones. Running it through an emulator would make it very slow and result in a poor user experience compared to the phone counterpart, with frequent lags and slowdowns.

While it is still possible to use it, at this point, it would be better to opt for other video editing programs on Windows PC and Mac, which would work more smoothly, seamlessly, and quickly.

How to use VN Video Editor on your computer and Mac using BlueStacks Emulator

If you really want to download and try VN Video Editor on Windows PC or Mac via emulator, you have to:

  1. download BlueStacks Emulator, which is a free Android emulator for PC
  2. After downloading, install BlueStacks by following the onscreen instructions
  3. once the installation is complete, start BlueStacks and log in with your Google account
  4. at this point, still in BlueStacks , open the Play Store and search for VN Video Editor
  5. Download and install VN Video Editor using BlueStacks on your Windows PC or Mac
  6. at this point you are free to use VN Video Editor on a computer, with all the limitations we have already seen previously

As I already told you, certainly the experience of VN Video Editor on Windows PC and Mac will be worse and slower than for Android and iPhone , but this is currently the only way to use the video editing program on our computer.


Best VN Video Editor alternatives to edit videos for free on Windows PC or Mac

No doubt there are plenty of other video editing programs to use instead of VN Video Editor on Windows PC and Mac.

  • Among the best I point out:
  • iMovie for Mac (FREE)
  • Final Cut Pro for Mac (paid)
  • Adobe Premiere for Windows and Mac (paid)
  • Windows Movie Maker for Windows (FREE)
  • Clipchamp for Windows (FREE)
  • Wondershare Filmora for Windows and Mac (FREE + Paid)
  • CapCut

As you can see, there is no shortage of video editing or video editing programs on Windows and Mac . Besides these, there are many others. And they are all perfectly optimized to work best on our PCs.

Is VN Video Editor free?

Yes, VN Video Editor is completely free to use which also offers optional in-app purchases.

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