What is wireless broadband (WiBB)? Types and standards

by Abbey banji

Wireless Broadband is an Internet connection of high speed and data service that is mainly delivered with the help of a local area network that is wireless or WLAN or WWAN or wireless wide area network. This broadband wireless access can be either mobile or fixed.



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In the case of mobile, wireless broadband is mobile; the high-speed internet connection is delivered to the customer by a specific ISP or also known as the internet service provider.

Thus, it is widely known as broadband wireless, wireless internet or cellular internet. Thus, in this scenario, broadband is used as an easy way to offer internet connectivity at high speed.

However, this broadband wireless access or wireless broadband is not exactly the same as Wi-Fi, which is a method to connect a specific network to the internet in a different way.

Wireless broadband refers that the internet being offered to a device wirelessly, which can be connected to some other devices with the help of Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

You can think of your broadband wireless access as like using the hotspot of your mobile device, but with dedicated features or equipment.

The internet service providers sell mobile or broadband wireless access to their consumers via a paid subscription. Generally, free Wi-Fi or municipal broadband is not considered mobile broadband.

With the help of wireless broadband access, a service provider mainly offers internet service over a large area to numerous consumers. In those cases, a modem is required to connect to the wireless network of the provider, while most modems are connected to a single service provider.

Types and standards of wireless broadband or WiBB

This internet connection is a high speed and can function through a network of cell phones. In this network connection, the signals come and go from the base station which is capable of transmitting connection wirelessly to the modem of the user.

It can be a separate or embedded device like a cellular phone. In the case of other devices connected to the devices like your home network or PC. Thus, the cellular wireless connection to the internet is the most used and popular type of mobile broadband.

However, using this cellular network for accessing the internet has both benefits and drawbacks. Usually, modems are affordable and easily available, and even their ranges are good. Thus, they can easily cover a lot of geographical regions within a reasonable budget.

Some remote areas may be far away from the towers; however, they may not offer high-speed service. In some cases, many devices are connected to a single tower; hence, the connections can slow down, and you may have to suffer from loss of service or even congestion.

However, the modern 5G and 4G technologies have reduced a lot of those issues regarding connectivity. Thus, the users can use cellular networks much more easily.


One of these types of wireless broadband connection is LTE or Long-Term Evolution, which has become really popular nowadays.

Other types of wireless broadband (WiBB)

WiMAX is another type of dedicated broadband service or access that is wireless and similar to the Wi-Fi connection. However, those use a different type of equipment. Those devices that work while being connected to this WiMAX signal are also known as subscriber stations.

Therefore, in this era of technology, broadband wireless access helps a lot by offering high-speed and affordable internet connections.

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