[Download] Official Samsung SM-G970F Galaxy S10e Android 10 Firmware

by Abbey banji
samsung-galaxy-s10e-android-10-firmware download
samsung-galaxy-s10e-android-10-firmware download

samsung-galaxy-s10e-android-10-firmware download

Download official Android 10 Firmware update for the Samsung SM-G970F Galaxy S10e. Do not try to install this stock Rom on any other Android device. This is the latest Official Rom available at the moment, and you can easily upgrade your phone and start enjoying the android Q features by flashing with Odin if the OTA update is not yet available in your region or you can’t wait.

This update is an official release packaged for flashing manually with Odin by Samsung, so it includes everything: modem, bootloader, etc. There’s is no errors or booting problems. The region of the ROM makes no difference. Happy flashing and please let me know how it works.

You can easily upgrade your phone and start enjoying the Android 10 features by flashing with Odin if the OTA update, is not yet available in your region or you are having issues downloading firmware with samfirm, Frija, Smart switch and SFWS (Samsung FirmWare Searcher).

This update is an official release packaged for flashing manually with Odin by Samsung, so it includes everything: modem, bootloader, etc. There’s is no errors or booting problems. The region of the ROM makes no difference. Happy flashing and please let me know how it works.

All official firmware in this post contains 5 files (Including service and home).
There are 3 main important files for flashing – AP, BL, and CP, as well as another

2 files to choose from – CSC or HOME_CSC :
You can either choose between either CSC or HOME_CSC file to flash together with the AP, BL and CP files. Please note choosing:

  • CSC – will format all user data of the Note 10+ to out of the box state.
  • HOME_CSC – all user data, including internal storage, will remain untouched.

4 files are involved in the firmware process.
A Single-file firmware does not exist !!

Samsung SM-G970F Galaxy S10e Firmware Details

Android 10_Q
BSKO firmware
Country:                                                       Multiregion OXM
Model:                                                          Samsung Galaxy S10e SM-G970F / FD
Type:                                                             5 files (Service + Home)
PDA:                                                             G970FXXU 3 BSKO
CSC:                                                              G970FOXM 3 BSKO
MODEM:                                                     G970FXXU 3 BSKL
BOOTLOADER:                                         G970FXXU 3 BSKO
Change List Number:                                17369399
Android Security Level:                            12/01/2019
Build Date:                                                   11/26/2019

Download Android 10 firmware from Google drive

Download Android 10 Firmware from yandex disk

Download Android 10 Firmware from samfrew

How To Flash Stock Android 10  Firmware Manually With Odin:

  1. Make sure you have Samsung USB drivers installed on your computer. Click below link to download it and install it.

[Download] Latest Samsung USB drivers for Windows All Version (Universal OEM, v1.5.65.0)

2.  Goto under settings and enable USB debugging by enabling the developer options and OEM unlock.

To enable “Developer Options” on your Galaxy Smartphone goto Settings> About phone, and tap on the “Build number” 10 times until you get a message that you are a “developer.”. Now you will see additional settings in the settings menu called “Developer Options“. Once you have enabled the “Developer Options” click on it.

3. You can now enable the “OEM unlocking” and “USB debugging” options. Ignore the warning and, tap enable to proceed.

4. Once done you need to download the firmware files and the Odin app.

Download the official Android 10 Q Firmware update for Samsung Galaxy S10e SM-G970F from the above link.

Download the Odin from the below link:

Download Odin 3.13.1

After download successful, extract odin.exe zip file to your PC desktop and double click to open the main “Odin.exe” file.


5. Put your Device in download mode, by switching off your phone. Press and hold the “Vol Down” and “Bixby” buttons simultaneously and after you get a warning message on your phone screen, press the “Vol Up” button to put your device in “Download Mode”. Now connect your phone to your PC using a USB data cable. Now when you get the above warning message on your phone screen press the “Vol Up” button to enter your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10e into the “Download Mode”.

6. In the next step select the extracted firmware files corresponding to each button in the Odin app. E.g click on the “CP” button and select the extracted firmware file which starts with “CP”. Same way click on “AP” and select the extracted firmware file which starts with “AP”. Similarly, add BL file in the BL button.

Make sure F.Reset.Time and Auto-Reboot option are checked in the Odin’s “Options” tab. Ignore the “UMS” or “USERDATA” section.

7. Once everything is done as said above, click the “Start” button in the Odin and wait for the flashing process to get completed.


Android 10 firmware Stock ROM Changes and Features:

  • Updating One UI 2 with Android 10 OS

One UI 2 introduces Android 10 with new features from Samsung and Google, developed based on feedback from ordinary users. We recommend that you back up your important data before updating. After updating the OS, some applications, such as Calculator, Samsung Internet,

Samsung Health and Samsung Notes will need to be updated separately.

List of changes:

  • Dark mode
    – Advanced settings for the image, colors, and text in night and daylighting.
    – Darkened wallpapers, widgets, and alarms in dark mode.
  • Icons and colors
    – Improved the visibility of application icons and system colors.
    – Improved layouts of headers and buttons, which allowed to optimize the place on
  • Screen.
    -Smoother animations
    – Improved fun animations.
  • Gestures in full-screen mode
    – Added new gestures for navigation.
  • Enhanced Interaction
    – Use minimal effort when navigating on a large screen.
    – You can easily concentrate on important things thanks to the brightly allocated buttons.
  • One-handed control mode
    – New ways to start a one-handed control mode. Double-tap the Home button or swipe down from the center of the bottom of the screen.
    – The mode settings are now in the menu “Settings”> “Additional functions”> “One-handed operation mode”.
  • Accessibility
    – Improved layouts of text with large print and keyboards with high contrast.
    – Listening to speech and its display in the form of text.
  • Improved display of text on wallpaper
    – For more convenient viewing, One UI automatically adjusts font colors depending on contrast, as well as dark or light areas of the image under the text.
  • Media and devices
    – Instead of the SmartThings panel, the “Media and devices” panel is now displayed.
    – Media: control music and video on your phone and other devices.
    – Devices: Check the status of SmartThings devices and manage them directly from the quick access toolbar.
  • Device Maintenance
    – The charge usage graph displays more detailed information.
    – Added settings for charge limits, as well as improved other parameters of wireless reverse charging.
  • Use your device
    – Set goals to keep track of phone usage.
    – Use the concentration mode so that the phone does not distract you.
    – Keep track of children’s activities with the new parental controls.
  • Camera
    – Added the ability to edit the list of modes that are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
    – Added “Advanced” tab for quick access to hidden modes from the preview screen.
    – Improved layout so that you can concentrate on shooting, and not on its settings.
  • “Internet”
    – You can customize the quick access toolbar to instantly launch the functions you use frequently.
    – Detailed information can be obtained on the application panel.
    – Install add-ons from the Galaxy Store to have access to even more features.
  • Samsung Contacts
    – Added basket for “Contacts”. Deleted contacts will be stored in the basket for 15 days, after which it will be impossible to recover them.
  • “Calendar”
    – Added the ability to attach stickers to dates without creating an event.
    —You can use ringtones for event notifications.
  • “Reminder”
    – New options for repeating reminders are available.
    – Set reminders with a location for a selected period of time.
    – Share reminders with members of the family and other groups.
    – Set reminders for the selected date without notification.
  • “My Files”
    – A recycle bin function has been added so that you can recover files deleted by mistake.
    – Added filters for faster search of the necessary data.
    – Now you can copy and move files simultaneously to multiple destinations.
  • “Calculator”
    – Added units for speed and time in the converter.
  • Connect to a car
    – The Android Auto application is pre-installed.
  • Tips
    – Added tips to help you get the most out of your Galaxy device.

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