Unlock the Full Potential of Your PlayStation 2 with FreeMCBoot (FMCB)(How to install and how it works)

by kolade ktwo

Level up your PlayStation 2 gaming experience with FreeMCBoot (FMCB), the ultimate tool that brings exciting features and possibilities to your console. Discover how FMCB works and how it revolutionizes the PS2 gaming experience.

In this article, we will see what is FreeMCBoot (FMCB), the famous exploit that allows you to run homebrews (programs created by independent developers) and play game backups on your PlayStation 2 console.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your PlayStation 2 with FreeMCBoot (FMCB)(How to install and how it works) 12

FreeMCBoot (FMCB)

FreeMCBoot is a game-changer that you can install on a PS2 memory card. Once it’s set up and you pop that memory card into your PS2, get ready for a whole new adventure. FMCB unleashes the hidden powers of your console.

Exciting Features Await

FMCB brings a bunch of awesome features to the table, taking your PS2 experience to new heights. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Fresh Menu: FMCB gives you a cool new menu when you start up your console.
  • No Permanent Changes: FMCB only affects the memory card. So, if you remove it, your PS2 goes back to normal, no harm done.
  • Compatibility: FMCB works on almost all PS2 models, except for some slim ones. But no worries, there’s a way around that too.
  • Play Game Backups: FMCB lets you play backup copies of your favorite PS2 games in different ways:
    • Burn patched games onto a DVD and play them using ESR Disc Patcher.
    • Load games from a USB stick with OPL*

* not recommended due to the PS2’s USB ports being limited to USB 1.1 protocol, which means slow loading speeds (half that of the console’s DVD player). As a result, some games may have playback issues.

    • Play games from an internal hard disk using OPL.
    • Load games from your computer over the network with OPL.
  • PS1 Games: Thanks to POPStarter, you can even play your beloved PS1 games using a USB key.
  • Homebrew Fun: FMCB opens the door to exciting applications like a versatile multimedia player (Simple Media System or “SMS”) and a tool to enhance game graphics (GS Mode Selector or “GSM”). There’s so much more to discover!

Unlock the Full Potential of Your PlayStation 2 with FreeMCBoot (FMCB)(How to install and how it works) 13

FreeMCBoot is what is called a “softmod”, that is to say a software method which modifies the usual behavior of the console, by apposition to the “hardmod” which calls for a hardware modification (installation of a chip For example).

FreeMCBoot is risk-free for your PS2!

How to Install FreeMCBoot on Your Memory Card

There are a few ways to install FreeMCBoot on your memory card. Here are some popular methods:

  1. Action Replay Max Evo: It works, but it might be a bit tricky to find.
  2. Swap Magic: Another option, but it’s not easy to get hold of, and there’s a small risk involved.
  3. PS2 Memory Card to USB Adapter: It’s an option, but these adapters can be hard to find or expensive.
  4. Pre-Installed FreeMCBoot Memory Card: You can get a memory card with FMCB already installed, but keep in mind it might be slower and less reliable.

Unleash the Power of FreeMCBoot

If you have an older PS2 model, using a hard disk and network adapter is the recommended way to go.

PS2: install FreeMCBoot and FreeHDBoot on a Fat PS2

For the slim PS2, the FreeDVDBoot and Fortuna exploits are your best bet.

PS2: install FreeMCBoot on a PS2 Slim

FreeMCBoot: How Does It Work?

FreeMCBoot revolutionizes the PlayStation 2 (PS2) gaming experience by exploiting a loophole in Sony’s firmware update mechanism. Unlike its successors, the PS3 and PS4, the PS2’s firmware is stored on a read-only memory (EEPROM) chip, making it impossible to update. However, Sony introduced a workaround wherein the PS2 checks for software updates on startup, either from a memory card or the hard disk.

For instance, early Japanese models of the PS2 lacked the ability to play DVD Videos. Sony provided a CD that allowed users to install DVD Video player software onto their memory cards. Upon startup, the console automatically loaded this software from the memory card, enriching the PS2’s capabilities. Although later models incorporated the DVD Video player directly into the ROM, Sony continued to distribute CDs with updates for compatibility purposes.


Here’s where Sony made a crucial mistake with their MagicGate protection system. While the PS2 diligently checked for a valid digital signature in the header of the DVD Video player’s .KELF file, it failed to verify the file’s integrity. This oversight opened the door for users to inject their own code into the .KELF file without detection. The console would still validate the .KELF file and unknowingly execute the injected code.

And thus, FreeMCBoot was born. It exploits the vulnerability in the DVD Video player’s .KELF file, injecting its own code to hijack the PS2’s startup process. When the PS2 loads the .KELF file, it unknowingly executes the FreeMCBoot code instead of the original DVD Video player software. This grants users unprecedented control and freedom over their PS2 consoles.


With FreeMCBoot, you can unlock the hidden potential of your PlayStation 2, enjoying game backups, homebrew applications, and an enhanced gaming experience. By exploiting Sony’s firmware update mechanism, FreeMCBoot injects its own code, giving you control over your console. Discover a fresh menu, play game backups, enjoy PS1 games, and explore exciting homebrew applications. Install FreeMCBoot on your memory card using various methods, and unleash the power of your PS2. Get ready to take your PlayStation 2 gaming to a whole new level with FreeMCBoot!

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