Protecting documents – why you need DRM and the best security solution

by Abbey banji

Every piece of data or information that connects to an identifiable person your organization stores or handles must be adequately safeguarded. All these are protected by law, from financial data and payment information to client details, employee credentials, and more.



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Therefore, protecting your data in PDF files is not just a legal condition but critical to safeguarding and sustaining your organization. In addition, let’s look at some of the pertinent reasons you need to restrict PDF editing and keep your private information safe.

  • Identity theft and fraud. To maintain your financial identity and the security of a privately identifiable data, it is more crucial than ever to restrict PDF editing and protect your documents. For example, phishing attacks may cause you to surrender your private information unintentionally, such as your tax credentials, insurance details or credit card information. These are critical pieces of information that can be used to access your account or create false ones in your name. The more data you make public online, the more vulnerable you are to such scams. Phishing attacks are often designed to replicate legitimate communication from financial institutions or banks. Digital rights management or DRM restricts PDF access and use by eliminating the need for passwords that can be easily shared with others. With its secure PDF features, you get complete controls on who views your documents and how. Besides, DRM prevents the copying, printing, editing and alteration of the content in your PDF files.
  • Using your data against you. Regarding personal and financial details, how much you control and process it and the kind of third-party services you use can play an essential role in its security. There are always snoopers and stalkers looking online to steal valuable information to sell and monetize from them. In addition, they may want to falsify and replicate the contents of your data stolen from your PDF file and use it against you to either mar your reputation or cause your business to lose revenue. With DRM PDF restrictions, you can prevent people from accessing your PDF files when they are not authorized to do so. In addition, it uses in-depth encryption through licensing control systems wherein keys are transparently managed but never exposed to any user, thus rendering your PDF files safe and secure from prying eyes.
  • Data breaches and cyber-attacks. There are several threats present in every corner ranging from information leakage, ransomeware, malware, phishing attempts and cyber attacks. If you have not yet experienced a data security incident, you must be prepared that you could be a victim of it at some point. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your systems and data safe to prevent them from being compromised, which could negatively affect your business and leave your operations out of action for a considerable amount of time. When it comes to cyberattacks, you need to safeguard your data thoroughly, assess the level of risk connected with the services you are using and find the right data security solution to mitigate risks and prevent cyber security incidents. The only proven method is to employ DRM technology to eliminate the incidence of a cyber attack on your business should it occur.
  • Reputation management. In the event of a data breach or incident, not employing proper data security measures can be hazardous. It could sully your organization’s reputation, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and a damaged brand reputation. However, with DRM technology, you can protect your user data and promote the successes that DRM brings to the table in the form of enhanced and robust data security. Adequate data protection within your organization will appeal to customers, clients, suppliers, partners and all stakeholders leading to an advanced reputation for your company.
  • Conforming to data protection laws. As countries develop technologically, data protection laws are emerging worldwide. That is why you need a fitting data security solution that conforms to regulations. DRM offers you a continuous planning process, mapping information and understanding the dangers connected with processing your data. Through its effective data protection standards, you will be able to concentrate on a streamlined business plan, assured that you are compliant when regulations come into effect.
  • Satisfaction and peace of mind. The correct data protection technology through DRM can provide you with much-needed peace of mind and surety that your PDF documents are safe from harm or theft. In addition, restricting PDF editing through DRM offers you adequate controls and enforces those controls irrespective of where your PDF files are located.


It’s time to control document access and use the right PDF DRM security solution. From restricting your PDFs from being edited or printed or controlling the number of prints, your PDF DRM solution can instantly revoke access, prevent the copying, sharing and screen grabbing of your secured data and more. In addition, you can also set expiry controls on your PDF documents to expire access after a specific number of views or period of time. Get rid of passwords to secure your PDF files and move to DRM technology to maintain the safety of your PDF files today.


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