10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed)

by Abbey banji
App hider calculator
App hider calculator

If you have strictly confidential data on your phone and don’t want anyone to have access to it, why not hide it with the one of our selected best “App hider calculator” In the Google Playstore. Easily protect pictures and other media with this useful and reliable File Locker- Secret Calculator app that helps you keep your data safe and invisible. No one likes to have their private gallery of photos and videos on display for everyone to browse through. So make sure you secure your phone from unwanted intruders.

The best thing about this “secret calculator” is that no one will ever suspect that your private files are hidden there! Anyone can use the app as fully functional calculator without ever noticing its secret role. The only person who will have the access to secret files are you! Carefully choose your password or use fingerprint, memorize it and easily enter your private photo vault.

What is App hider calculator?

An app hider is a secret or secured calculator that act like a vault, it allows user to hide files, photos and videos in a hidden folder on their smartphone with password protection, which can only be viewed inside the app and won’t be visible inside the default Android Gallery. A Calculator vault – hide pics, video & app lock opens only by secret code that is set by you otherwise it functional as simple calculator photo vault.

List of the Best App hider calculator for Android to Download From Play Store

Calculator Vault -Hide Photo Video & App Lock

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 36

With Calculator Vault, you can Hide files, photos, videos, notes, contacts & credential in secret calculator and keep your privacy. You can open hidden apps in calculator vault or interface of your phone. Use this vault to hide pictures, hide videos and use app lock secretly inside an app. Calculator vault provides hidden picture function your pictures import into the gallery others cannot see these photos. You can browse protected pictures in hider’s gallery. Really want a secret locker for your personal files in your phone. A secret photo vault behind it all hide photos will be encrypted uninstall the app will not delete the password or remove the photos Wallpics

The smart calculator supports fake password to show fake content in extreme cases when you need to open a secret locker in front of other peoples. This is enabling intruder selfie lets you capture intruder’s photo and show them when you entering into smart vault calculator locker. Hide your personal audio, contacts apks and any documents easily vault application. You can directly hide pictures and videos from phone gallery or sd-card by sharing to gallery lock app download.


  • Import photo and video from the library.
  • Hide all installed applications.
  • Unlimited add contacts or SMS and e-mail.
  • Online backup to get your data on multiple devices.
  • Save all your passwords in one place.
  • Inbuilt image viewer and audio or video player.
  • And many more

App Version: 2.6 (Latest)
Size: 10 MB
Price: Free
released on: Apr 2, 2019
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

App Hider

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 37

App Hider is the best app for hiding other apps on GooglePlay, especially for WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook Messenger. App Hider is also an excellent app cloner for you to access multiple accounts from one device. More than that App Hider can hide photos and videos and hide App Hider itself by turn itself into a Calculator. Hide Apps (NO ROOT required) Hide Photos Videos, Dual Apps, Multiple Accounts.


  • Import app into App Hider which you want to hide and then uninstall that app from your Home system.
  • Extremely optimized for social apps like: Whatsapp Instagram Facebook Messenger Telegram and etc.
  • Hide Photos (Hide Pictures) Hide Videos.
  • Import your photos to our hidden gallery from your gallery.
  • View and play your hidden photos and videos directly from App Hider.
  • Hide Myself.
  • App Hider can turn itself into a Calculator Vault to protect your privacy in App Hider.
  • The Calculator Vault is a real Calculator and if you input the right password into the calculator… Boom App Hider home shown up.

How to hide app?

  • Import the app which you want to hide into App Hider.
  • Launch the cloned app in app hider to make sure the clone is working well.
  • Uninstall the origin app from your device. Now you can only launch that app from App hider.

How to hide in app hider itself?

  • Tap Protect App Hider icon in App Hider Home
  • Setup your password.
  • Then in several minutes. App Hider will turn into a Calculator.
  • Open the Calculator and tap your password then your App Hider Home show up.

Version: 1.9.13a
Size: 7 MB
Updated: April 24, 2019
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

Smart Hide Calculator by IDStudio

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 38

“Smart Hide Calculator” is a fully functional calculator app but with a little twist. Once you enter the password(u get to set it on first start of app and can also be changed in future) and press the ‘=’ button then boom you are presented to an interface where you can hide, unhide pictures, videos, documents or files with any file extension placed in a folder on sdcard, and if your device have root you can also hide (freeze) and unhide (un-freeze) apps.

1.) Everyone will think it as a simple calculator.
2.) Hide and Unhide pictures, videos,documents or any other media type.
3.) Hide and Unhide apps **ROOT REQUIRED.
4). Don’t show itself in recent apps.
5). In case user forgets the password he can recover it by going into password recovery mode(by pressing 123456789+987654321 in calculator) and providing the secondary password.
6). View hidden files without unhiding them again.

Version: 1.3.7
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

Hide App, App Hider Premium

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 39

Hide your apps on device with calculator icon protection (Root). In this next version, it can help you hide your applications on device with fake calculator protection. After hide application, you can’t run it, and it can’t run background (you can enable it again if you want). It will help save more memory and battery of your device.


  • Hide app
  • Restore app for hidden list
  • Security with pin code use fake calculator icon

Size: 4.72 MB
Current Version: 2.1
Upadated: April 24, 2019
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

Photo, Video Locker-Calculator

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 40

Calculator is the Vault app can secretly Hide Pictures, Hide Videos and Lock Apps without anyone knowing as gallery lock installed in your phone looks as just a regular calculator. Your files will be secretly stored in vault and can only be viewed after a Numeric PIN is entered on calculator panel of this app. Also this Photo,Video Locker can be used as regular calculator for daily use.

How to use:
  • Hide Pictures and Videos : Click on Plus Button at the bottom of main screen and then select media from gallery and click lock button to hide into Photo,Video Locker-Calculator app.
  • Lock Apps: Go to App Lock tab on main screen and Lock your Apps by selecting them to keep safe from others.
  • Intruder Selfie: Enabling intruder selfie lets you capture intruder’s photo and show them when you entering into smart hidden calculator.
  • Fake Cover: you can enable advanced security where you can set fake cover of Force close of applications which are locked and only you know trick to open your app lock interface.
  • Finger print app lock: you can enable your fingerprint for locked apps to open it without password instantly. it also used for your smart hide calculator.
  • Wi-fi security: now you can have control over your switched like wifi and Bluetooth by our strong app lock security.


• Access Photo,Video Locker by typing Numeric PIN on calculator panel of this app.
• Lock apps using Classic PIN pad.
• Support all Picture formats in gallery lock like GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.
• Beautiful Themes for calculator and app lock screen.
• Easy to Manage, Delete, Unhide, Move Pictures in gallery vault.
• Amazing Inbuilt Image viewer with Slide show, Rotate, Share and Shuffle option.
• you can lock wifi and bluetooth with password protection of app lock.
• Disappears from recent apps list.
• Dark Mode feature helps to secretly open personal photo,video locker during night without anyone knowing.
And Many More

Current Version: 20.0
Size: 2.8 MB
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

Dailer Vault-AppHider

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 41

Dialer Vault can help you to hide any app, Perfect Camouflage App Hider. And keep your privacy by hiding apps.You can open hidden apps in Dialer Vault or interface of your phone. Also Dialer Vault provides hidden picture function, your pictures import into the gallery, others can not see these photos.You can browse protected pictures in hider’s gallery.

Advantages of Dialer Vault hidden applications:

  • Notice bar information tips, only show the standard calculator’s icon
  • Check phone system settings, the application name is Calculator+ (not app hider)
  • When Checking recent apps, the app name is Dialer Vault.

1.Hide all installed applications (No ROOT Required)
2.Password protection(When the first time,need to create the password)
3.Supports hiding any applications used on mobile phones(Easy way hide apps)
4.Hidden app can be used in the Dialer Vault, also use the main interface in the phone.
5.Open the app just standard calculator , if don’t know password can’t use the Dialer Vault.
6.Hide Notifications ,provide notification in 3 mode all / just number / none
7.Hide apps from recents
8.Gallery Module to hide photos /pictures(Protect your secret photos/pictures, avoid others find them).

How to hide photos to Dialer Vault?
Click the app hider interface gallery icon use the ‘Gallery Module’, add ‘input folder name’ to create folder and select pictures or personal photos, then click the save button to import the picture into the created private file.

How to add app to Dialer Vault?
In the hidden display interface click add app button, you can see the phone within the application, select the app to add to the Dialer Vault-App Hider, click the import apps button.

How to delete apps from Dialer Vault?
In the hidden apps interface long press the hidden app, drag the application to the delete icon to delete the hidden application.

How to hide photos or videos to hidder?
Click the app hider interface gallery icon use the ‘Gallery Module’, add ‘input folder name’ to create folder and select pictures or personal photos, then click the save button to import the picture into the created private file.

Updated:  June 3, 2019
Size: 7.3 MB
Current Version:  1.10.4
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

X App Hider (hide Application ROOT is required!)

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 42

X App Hider(Application hider) can hide applications in your phone,like facebook, youtube, message. and so on. The hidden app will not show in launcher or settings. The hidden application will shown at launcher after you unhide the app in X App Hider. You can also open hiden application directly from X App Hider. when hiden app  uses less memory, phone will run faster and free up memory space.
Current version: 2.0
Size: 2.5 MB
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

Hide App-Hide Application icon, No root required

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 43

Hide any app you don’t want others to know. Support non rooted devices

Hide any app you don’t want others to know. (DcLauncher Add-On required for non ROOTED Device)

“AppHider” can help you to hide any app. After app is hided, the app icon will disappear from the Launcher.


  • Totally free
  • Hide apps (Hide Icon)
  • Support PIN lock
  • Support auto backup and restore (After you reinstall AppHider, the previous hided apps can be restored back.)

More advanced phone optimize features to boost apps and free up storage space. Including Cache Clean, Phone Boost and App Notification Clean .etc.
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

Private Photo, Video locker

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 44

A Smart Calculator designed to hide pictures, videos & other files privately. Calculator Gallery Vault may look like simple calculator with the naked eye but has a secret gallery lock behind it. If you enter the correct password, this will actually allow user to Keep safe photos and videos behind fully functional Calculator.

Top Features:

  • Photos & videos protection: Selected files will be hidden and can only be accessed with correct password.
    Secret Locker: You can only open private photo vault by typing correct password into our Smart Calculator or your fingerprint (for supported devices).
  • Incognito Browser: an inbuilt private browser for your safe browsing of private websites and downloading of photos, videos and audios from web and lock instantly inside secret locker and leaves no tracks in your system.
  • Fake Password: Smart Calculator supports Fake Password to show fake content in extreme cases when you need to open secret locker in front of other peoples.
  • Direct Sharing: Share your locked Pictures, Videos or Files directly to social apps. No need to unlock.
  • Face Down Phone will help you to perform chosen action in emergency situations when someone came suddenly. for example close smart calculator app, open website or open other app immediately.
  • Capture images and download Pictures, Videos from secret browser inside the app itself.
  • App Disappears from recent apps list. If you got any call when using locker then locker immediately closes itself and also if suddenly someone came near you and you just screen off then locker will closes automatically.
  • Supports “Calculator App Protection” to prevent calculator vault from being uninstall by kids or strangers and also prevent force stop your app lock by other applications.
    And Many More.

IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before unhiding your personal files otherwise it will be lost forever. Activate Uninstall Protection to prevent this app from being uninstalled by others especially kids.

Size: 6.4 MB
Current Version: 32.0
Price: Free
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

File Locker- Secret Calculator

10 best App hider calculator for Android (ROOT and No ROOT needed) 45

If you are suspicious about who looks at your photos, videos and data, try out this useful File Locker- Secret Calculator security app that will keep your media safe and your files hidden. Who would think of looking for your private files in this smart hide “calculator vault”, that is fully functional, yet so well camouflaged? It’s the best folder lock that will never give away your personal data. Download the best “secret calculator app to hide videos” and pics for free and you will never again ask “how to hide apps on your phone”!


  • Well designed and simple to use app for hiding data.
  • Hidden photos, videos and other media can only be accessed by entering correct password.
  • Secret calculator with full functionality so it won’t give you away!
  • Unhide the folders without losing any data.

How to use:

  • Enter the password.
  • Provide password recovery question and answer, just in case!
  • Hit + button to create your secret folder.
  • Easily hide camera, photos and videos, or create new folders and text files.


  • In case you forget your password you can reset it by entering 12341234 into our calculator and pressing the = button.
  • Do not Factory reset your phone, it will remove the application and all its locked data forever
  • Before Deleting the App, Export and unlock all files. Deleting/Uninstalling the App will erase all locked data and it will be lost forever.
  • Access the hidden folder by calculating or typing the password and pressing = button.

*Enable Uninstall Protection from settings to prevent uninstalling our calculator by other users or children.

Size: 6.1 MB
Current Version: 1.5.1
Requirement: Android 4.4 to 9.0
Price: Free
[Google Play/Download ##download##]

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