iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons

by Abbey banji
iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 78

    After each release of a new iPhone by Apple, there is always a lot of both positive and negative reactions and opinions from both Android and Apple Fans. There is always a lot of negative comments from people who thinks apple design is always the same and too expensive.
Manufacturing a smartphone is not always about the appearance but what it has to offer inside and it performance. This is the iPhone 7 plus review, the latest device from apple with an old design but better internal hardware, features and specifications.

iPhone 7 plus Specifications Overview

Display: TFT IPS, 5,5 ”, 1920×1080, capacitive, multitouch (3D Touch), 401 ppi
Processor: Apple A10 Fusion
Operating System: iOS 10
Internal memory: 32 GB
Memory card support: No
Communication: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz || UMTS 850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz || LTE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 38, 39, 40, 41
SIM: nano-SIM
Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2
Navigation: GPS, GLONASS
Cameras: Home – 2 x 12 Mn (flash, autofocus), front – 7 megapixel (Retina Flash)
Protection against dust and water IP67
Sensors: lighting, motion, proximity, microgyro, a compass, a barometer, a fingerprint reader
Battery: 2900 mAh non-removable
Dimensions: mm 158,2h77,9h7,3
Weight: 188 grams

Boxing And Package:

   The packaging design has changed a little, the back of the iPhone is now shown on the package instead of the front has seen in the image.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 79

The Black Onyx color version in this review has a different black box view from other model range.

Inside the box you will find: The cable, Charger, Sim removal Clip, Lightning adapter for the 3.5mm audio port and the Ear pods which is now inside a cardboard spacer.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 80

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 81

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 82


   It is just too obvious that Apple has copied the same design and appearance of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on the iPhone 7 with just a little difference.The slight difference you will see is the cleaned bands of antennas from a back surface.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 83
iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 84

The camera lens module is now a little bit larger, making anyone seeing it for the first time to notice you are using the latest iPhone. You will be surprise that the old iPhone case and cover doesn’t fit the iPhone 7 plus you will have to buy or order new ones.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 85

On the right side there is a power button and a nano sim tray.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 86

On the left side there is a switch to activate silent mode and the volume button.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 87

At the bottom we have the lighting port and the speakers

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 88

   At the Top there is no usual headphone jack available in older models. It has been removed by apple, despite more than three hundred thousand people have signed a petition to preserve the connector, but their opinions are not heard, apple didn’t take user opinion into considerations.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 89

   It has a IP67 rating against water and dust which means that it can stay up in water for more than 30 minute at an indent of one meter, without developing a fault. The Polished aluminum looks very nice in promotional photos, but it is always instantly covered with fingerprints quickly in reality – with scratches and abrasions.

Design, Screen And First Impression

   The iPhone 7 plus six-inch screen really looks great. There is a slightly changes compared to the iPhone 6 Plus 2014 design but everything from the wide screen frame, sloping ledges, slippery aluminum still remain the same. You dare not use this expensive phone without a screen protector/cover except if you which to spend the cost of buying a new Chinese flagship phone replacing your Latest iPhone screen in a service center.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 90

   There is no physical home button available anymore, it has been replaced instead with a kind of sapphire crystal round frame with an inbuilt sensor. You will get a simulated vibration when you touch it which you can adjust in the settings, this gives you a feel of physical buttons similar to the Force Touch Track-pad in Apple laptops. The figerprint Scanner works well with digital code, the setup takes quite a long time by todays standard this kind of setup is more faster on android phones.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 91

   Other things you need to know about the screen is that, it has the same Full HD display, Apple has been using since three years ago. The resolution remain the same, but the screen pictures is more brighter and more clearer. Apple says that the new iPhone has a display with extended color gamut (space of  DCI-P3, used in cinemas), which is 25% brighter than the old iPhone 6s Plus. The difference, however, is difficult to notice.

   If you are not concern about the high price, then the iPhone 7+  has an  excellent quality screen.  Very accurate color, High brightness, high-quality anti-glare filter, high sensitivity and good oleophobic coating with a 2,5D glass.

Performance And Benchmarks:

   You can’t expect something less from a new quad-core A10 Fusion processor, clocked at 2.34 GHz. It has 3 GB of RAM, and the internal storage is available in 32, 128 or 256 GB. Our Review unit has a 32GB memory and only 23 Gb available for the user.

   It Works very fast in performance and No Lag even when playing heavy games, all apps opens quickly and multitasking is great. You should check out the benchmark result below to confirm what we are talking about:

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 92
iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 93

Browsing and loading pages in safari is fast:

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 94
iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 95iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 96

Gaming performance is great:

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 97
iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 98


   There are two 12-megapixel module camera at the back. The camera differ from each other: one is with aperture f / 2.8, the second with the f / 1.8, the first picture was taken with the first camera

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 99

and the second with the wide-angle

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 100

The iPhone 7 Plus is the first Apple smartphone with a two-fold optical zoom, that means objects can be zoom without losing any picture quality. To use the zoom you will have to click the icon in the main camera, which also triggered the digital zoom.

iPhone 7 Plus Review, Unboxing, Pros And Cons 101

   It takes good high-quality images at night and in low light conditions. The pictures have an excellent dynamic range, you can create masterpieces, even in HDR-mode.

   The video recording quality is high, Apple produces some of the best smartphones for recording videos. Stabilization work effectively in video, no twitching or jerking, very smooth. 4K recording, slow-motion, time-laps are also available. The optical zoom works while recording video.

Network And Connectivity:

   Apple iPhone 7 Plus works with different Network frequencies, that makes it usable in anywhere in the world, above all, it uses a nano-SIM. The smartphone supports high speed, LTE Advanced Cat.10,  this as been confirmed in a series of tests. The Wi-Fi 802.11ac MIMO 2×2 is stable and it has a Bluetooth 4.2.

   NFC in the iPhone 7 Plus can finally be used for other purposes. Fingerprint scanner can be use to confirm owner’s payment online.


   Apple normally don’t disclose information about their battery capacity, but according to iFixit data, the battery capacity is about 2900 mAh. A single Charge should be enough to last for a full day with normal usage. But with heavy usage the smartphone should last for about 13 hours, most especially if you are always on 4G, using the camera and playing games. Activating the power-saving mode will also help to add an hour or two to the screen time, so it is a very useful feature too.

   A low voltage charger of 1A / 5W was included in the package box it charge the device slowly in my opinion, the charging time takes up to about 3.5 hours. For a more faster charging time, you can buy a more powerful charger the iPad power pack with 10/12 W is a good alternative. Don’t forget you can’t listen to music while charging your phone, it now impossible you will have to use a Bluetooth accessory.


The Apple iPhone 7 Plus will costs you nothing less than $1091, it is one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. The device is more powerful, faster, water resssistance, a new touch Home button and a modified network capability. The standard connector for headphones had been removed and replaced with an adapter, welcome to the wireless era.

Forget about the price, the latest iPhone is only for the rich, it is not for everyone. With Apple you are assured their will always be update and support for your device for a long time.

Pros: (What we really like)

  • protection water
  • high performance
  • fast fingerprint
  • quality camera with optical zoom
  • loud speakers.

Cons: (What we don’t like)

  • old design,
  • iOS  restrictions And Limitations
  • there is no universal connector for headphones.

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