Nokia 6120 Classic Latest Firmware download

by Abbey banji
Nokia 6120 Classic Latest Firmware download 9

   At the moment the latest firmware for the Nokia 6120 Classic  is version 07.20 which is available for download in this post. It is very important to know your phone information and details before
flashing. Your Phone model and RM can be found on the white label beneath the battery (for dead Nokia phones), or by dailing *#0000# on your Nokia 6120.


  • Do Not Attempt to Flash old firmware on a Nokia with latest firmware already installed this will brick or damage your phone.
  • Always ensure you are flashing the correct flash files by dailing
    *#0000# or by checking the white label beneath the battery( for dead
    nokia phones), for your correct Nokia model and RM.
  • Always ensure you flash latest firmwares and flash files only.
  • Flashing a firmware for another model will kill your phone.
  • Always ensure you use a good data USB Cable. 

You can easily flash this Firmware using any of the special software and programs below:

Nokia Software updater (Internet connection needed)

Nokia phoenix service software

JAF Flasher

BB5 Easy Service Tool (Recommended)


Firmware: Nokia 6120 Classic
Type: RM-243
Colours: White, Red, Blue, Pink,
Firmware Version: 07.20
Language: Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Bulgarian, Romanian
archives Size: 49.1Mb

This Nokia 6120c RM-243 v7.20 firmware archives includes: the MCU, PPM (includes all languages)and the CNT flash files.

Firmware Versions History and dates For Nokia 6120 Noir

v03.70 (25 May 2007) APAC EMEA LTA
v03.83 (19 June 2007) APAC EMEA China
v03.84 (10 August 2007)
v04.21 (9 October 2007)
v05.11 (21 April 2008)
v06.01 (2 September 2008)
v06.51 ( February 4, 2009)
v07.02 (19 May 2009)
v07.10 (30 July 2009)
v07.20 (October 5, 2009) – The latest version for Nokia 6120c

Download Link

After downloading correct firmware above, you can flash this firmware on
any Nokia 5200 using your original USB data-cable and with the help of
special softwares like Phoenix, JAF and BB5 Easy Service Tool.

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