[Download] Tomb Raider ROM (ISO) ePSXe and Fpse emulator (15MB size) highly compressed – Sony Playstation / PSX / PS1 APK BIN/CUE play on Android and pc

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Download Tomb Raider iso ROM bin file for ePSXe, FPse, ClassicBoy Gold, and RetroArch PSX / PS1 emulator file highly compressed in size and the full version in only 15MB in size updated for the year 2022. You can play on PS1 Emulator Apk on your Android/iOS device, including Windows Computer or Mac easily without a need for external game controllers or console device via ePSXe, FPse, ClassicBoy Gold, and RetroArch.



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About Tomb Raider Sony Playstation / PSX / PS1 ROM ISO for ePSXe, FPse, ClassicBoy Gold, and RetroArch emulator Highly Compressed

Tomb Raider rom iso also available in Bin and Cue file format for PlayStation One / PSX is an action-adventure video game in which the player assumes the role of archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft, who navigates through a series of ancient ruins and tombs in search of an ancient artefact. Lara is hired by a mysterious woman to find an artifact believed to have come from Atlantis. Lara travels around the world, plumbing the depths of long- or best-forgotten locales. As she discovers clues to the artifact’s whereabouts, she also uncovers the true motivation behind her employer’s search. The intriguing plot is told through gorgeous computer animation movie cutscenes interspersed throughout the game’s episodes.

Features of Tomb Raider Sony Playstation / PSX / PS1 ROM ISO for Emulator on Android and Computer Highly Compressed

  • The game is split into four zones: Peru, Greece, Egypt and the lost continent of Atlantis.
  • The game is presented in third person perspective.
  • A training level set in Lara’s home of Croft Manor can be accessed from the start menu.
  • The game involves player fighting dangerous animals and creatures while collecting objects and solving puzzles.
  • Great graphics coupled with fun camera angles.
  • Complex puzzles require time and thought.
  • Entertaining plot, well-directed movie scenes.

Requirement For Tomb Raider ROM PS1 ISO ROM (Playstation One)

You can only play this ISO/Bin/ROM file Game using an Emulator on your Android Smartphone or Windows Pc.
If you are going to be playing this game on a Windows computer or Laptop you will need to download and install ePSXe, FPse, ClassicBoy Gold, and RetroArch Emulator on your PC.

For Android smartphone users who want to play Tomb Raider ISO on their Phones, you will need to download the ePSXe apk and Bios from here and install.

Android version: 4.0 and higher
Windows 7, 8 and 10 supported

Game iso File details

NAME: Tomb Raider
PLATFORM: PlayStation One
DEVELOPER: Core Design
DISTRIBUTOR: Eidos Interactive
YEAR: 1996
TYPE: Action-adventure
FORMAT: bin/cue
SIZE: 348MB (Highly Compressed)

How to Download Tomb Raider PSX / PS1 ISO ROM (Sony Playstation) Highly Compressed

This direct download link iso file below will work with all Sony Playstation emulators available for both windows Computer, Mac and Android Smartphones. The download links below was last updated on 7th July 2022.

Download Tomb Raider Ps1/PSX/Psone iso rom Full version Highly compressed Google drive link (15mb size)

Download Tomb Raider 1 Ps1 /PSX/Psone iso rom Full version direct link from coolrom (300mb size)

How To Install and Play Tomb Raider (Sony Playstation/ PS1) on your Android Phone with ePSXe and Fpse apk emulator.

  1. Download and install ZArchiver (if you don’t have it already).
  2. Also, install the latest ePSXe apk + Bios from this link here (if you don’t have it yet).
  3. Download the Game compressed ROM from above to your phone storage. Most of the games are compressed in RAR, 7zip, or zip format you will need to extract them to .iso, Data, bin, or cue file format to play with epSxe or Fpse emulator.
  4. Open your ePSXe Emulator and select Run Bios. That will search your phone and will find your extracted BIOS files.
  5. After it finishes, click on Run Game and select the Tomb Raider.bin rom iso file in the folder where you’ve extracted the game files earlier.

Best Settings For Tomb Raider ROM (ISO) Bin Cue PS1 ePSXe Emulator

This is the best settings to play Tomb Raider Playstation 1 on all android phones with 100% full speed using ePSXe Emulator.

Best ePsxe Bios settings:


For SCPH-1001 Simulated Bios select “Autodetect”
Best ePsxe CPU Settings:

  • Disable CPU Frameskip
  • Select and activate check “Show FPS”
  • Set Custom FPS to Auto
  • MME Enable Autodetect
  • CPU Overclock X1

Best ePsxe Screen Preferences settings:

  • Use Landscape Orientation
  • Set the Aspect Ratio to “4:3”
  • Set the Color Depth to 32Bit

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