[Download] The Fast and the Furious ppsspp emulator – PSP APK Iso highly compressed 287MB

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Download The Fast and the Furious iso ppsspp file highly compressed and full versions from Mediafire, Googledrive, and direct link in only 287MB in size. You can play on PSP Emulator Apk on your Android/iOS device, including windows computer or Mac easily without a need for external game.



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The Fast and the Furious iso for ppsspp emulator is a 2006 racing game for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. The game is based on the film series of the same name, particularly The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The game is considered a spiritual successor to 2004’s Street Racing Syndicate.

Features Of The Fast and the Furious PPSSPP Highly Compressed: 

  • Revolutionary Drift Model – The first game to develop an accurate drift model system that is enjoyable and accessible to gamers of all skill levels. Switch on the aids to feel like a pro, or turn them off to improve your drifting abilities.
  • Drift racing in its purest form – This video game, which focuses on the next big thing in underground street racing, uses Universal’s extensive sound library, an incredible context-based camera code, and a revolutionary context-based rumble system to give players the sensation of driving city streets at breakneck speeds like no other.
  • Total Immersion – Completely immerse yourself in the game’s world. Over 10,000 polygon model vehicles, cinematic camera angles straight from the movie, unique boss challenges, amazing visuals, and over 100 JDM Tuner, Classic Muscle, and Concept cars make this the greatest looking and best playing racing game ever.
  • Robust customization options – Enhance the experience of being a part of the underground street racing world with hundreds of licensed wheels and over 300 body kits from authentic JDM suppliers are available to customize your vehicle. Tune your ride like never before, from performance to appearance, and change out your engine for the first time on PSP to completely push your the limits of your vehicle.
  • The Fast and the Furious – Is a nitrous-fueled drift racing game based on the popular film franchise that replicates the style, speed, and attitude of the underground street racing craze.

Requirements For The Fast and the Furious PPSSPP ISO CSO Highly Compressed

Game iso details:

  • Release date: April 24, 2007
  • Series: Fast & Furious
  • Genre: Racing
  • Mode: Single-player, multi-player
  • Platforms: PlayStation Portable
  • Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
  • Developer: Eutechnyx

How to Download The Fast and the Furious PPSSPP Highly Compressed ISO and CSO 

Here is the direct download links Mediafire and Google drive for The Fast and the Furious, they are all available in full and highly compressed versions. Choose any iso or cso you want below: 

DOWNLOAD Fast and Furious PSP PPSSPP ISO Highly COMPRESSED Mediafire Link(300 MB)(Highly Compressed)

DOWNLOAD Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift PSP PPSSPP ISO Highly COMPRESSED Coolrom direct Link(280 MB)

To download The Fast and the Furious tokyo drift PSP ISO ROM game File on your smartphone then you need to follow the steps below. It will help you easily download the game on your phone:

  1. First, click on any of the direct Download button above either from Mediafire or Google drive where the ISO is hosted.
  2. Wait for the page to completely get loaded on your browser.
  3. Press on the download button and wait for the server to send the Zip file to your Browser.
  4. Verify and accept the download request and wait for the file to get downloaded.
  5. Wait until the psp iso rom file gets completely downloaded on your smartphone and play on PPSSPP emulator apk.

How To Install and Play The Fast and the Furious – PSP Iso on your Android Smartphone using PPSSPP Emulator

By following these simple steps below you can easily install and play The Fast and the Furious PPSSPP – PSP Iso File using emulator on Android:

  1. Download and install ZArchiver file manager from Google playstore(if you don’t have it already).
  2. Also, install the latest PPSSPP Gold emulator from above (if you don’t have it yet).
  3. Download the Game compressed iso cso from above to your phone storage.
  4. Extract the Game ISO ROM or CSO file using ZArchiver Pro. To do that, click on the ISO or CSO and select to open with ZArchiver Pro, then click on extract.
  5. Ensure to extract the ISO to PPSSPP >> PSP >> Game on your SD card or internal storage where you can easily find it.
  6. Launch the PPSSPP app. Then navigate to the Game tab. You should see the The Fast and the Furious icon there. If you don’t, then open your file manager from the emulator and locate the game file.

How to use Cheats.db to play The Fast and the Furious iso with PPSSPP Emulator:

You will need to Download our cheat.db zip file Database and import into your Emulator it works on Android and PC. This allows you to use and apply cheats/tricks on your psp Emulator playing Wipeout iso or Rom game file. You will need to follow the right steps to achieve it. You will be able to download and import the latest cheat for this game by following this guide. 

Best Settings For The Fast and the Furious Iso cso PSP PPSSPP Emulator 

This is the best settings to play The Fast and the Furious on all android phones with 100% full speed using PPSSPP Emulator.

  • Enable Auto Frameskipping for no errors, Configure display setting option to play game in full screen resolution.
  • Mode: Non-Buffered Rendering
  • Display Resolution: 2x PSP or More
  • Fast Memory: On
  • Frameskipping = 0 (or 1 if running slow)
  • Leave Rest Default

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