Top 10 Best free PC game download sites in 2020

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Top 10 Best free PC game download sites in 2020


Here we present to you today a list of the best top 10 websites from which you can download computer games completely for free. Even though all of the websites listed below allow you to download free games without errors, some of them offer free offline games that you can install on your PC and play anytime. Other sites offer games that should be played online on your HTML5 or Flash web browser.

The list of the best free PC game download sites that we offer today on our website contains very popular PC game download sites, as well as largely unknown websites containing really awesome PC games to download.

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Best PC Games 2020 Download Sites

Here we list 10 websites in the year 2020 that offer full version games for all kinds of operating systems. Let us check in more detail on each of them.

1. Ocean of Games


Ocean of games is one of the best sites to download free games. You can download very large single file sets from the high-speed servers on this website. It allows you to download games with a maximum size of 60 GB. Therefore, games such as the GTA 5 PC version of 58 GB can be downloaded as soon as possible. Sometimes it offers a speed of 1 Mbps, but when the website is loaded it may take longer to download.

Main Features:

  • High speed game download with a maximum speed of 1 MBPS
  • Large games up to 60 GB can be downloaded
  • Wide variety of choices

2. website website

If you are a casual gamer and want games to play from time to time, choose Gametop. You will not find big compressed games like on Ocean of Games, but you can very well find interesting games of small size up to 100 MB such as Time Machine, Treasure Island, etc. Their games are easily downloadable, easy to locate, free from toolbars, malware, and viruses. All types of games available, PC and Macbook, are updated regularly. Therefore, a player can simply check for new games from time to time. Check out Gametop website

Main Features:

  • Free from malware and viruses
  • Available for both PC and Mac
  • Small games don’t take up much disk space
  • Interesting games for a quick pass

3. Download free games


This is a website that offers games for Mac in addition to Windows. They offer two types of games, those that can be downloaded and played. These games are free from advertisements and spyware and can be played for as long as you like. The other types of games are those that can be played directly in your browser. Thus, their games are either free to try or completely free. They provide 110 downloadable games and 250 games in browsers. Check out Download Free Games Website

Main Features:

  • Downloadable and browser games are available
  • Wide variety of over 100 downloadable games and 250 games in browsers
  • Without advertising, virus or spyware
  • Available for Mac and PC

4. My Real Games


Are you a fan of simple and fun games such as card games, pool games, etc.? So this is the best site to connect to. In addition, you will find many other categories of games such as car, sport, action, and girl games like Cake Shop, Magic Farm, etc. the interface is very pretty and is quite easy to use. Check out My Real Games Website

Main Features:

  • Traditional card games available
  • A wide variety of girl games available
  • User-friendly interface

5. Mega Games


The slogan of this website says “The experience of hardcore play”. It remains true to its name by offering its users to play any type of game they want. To find a list of games, a player must click on the ‘Freeware’ tab. In addition, they also provide tips for games, patches, demos, emulators, and mods. Check out the Mega Games Website

Main Features:

  • Provides demo games, emulators and mods
  • Also provides tips for PC and Mac games
  • Games of different categories available



Providing over ten game categories with over a hundred subcategories, BGames offers a wide range of games to its players. They also offer multiplayer role-playing games. They are also the ones who provide sponsorship and mentorship to new Flash game developers. All you have to do is approach them with your requirements and they will be happy to assist you. Check out Games website

Main Features:

  • Wide range of games
  • Support new game developers
  • Free

7. Free Ride Games


Free Ride Games offers more than 200 full versions of PC games. These are completely free and can be played for any duration and as often as desired. Thus, all the games they offer are complete and at no cost. In addition, they also organize various contests, promotional offers, etc. from time to time. to entertain users while increasing their database by inviting more people to their website. Check out Free Ride Games website

Main Features:

  • Full version of PC games
  • Unlimited gameplay
  • Provides various contests and promotions

8. Game House


If you want to play high-quality games without having to download them, you can choose GameHouse. Their collection is huge as they offer more than 350 games. These are in no way inferior to the downloaded versions because they offer the same game features, sound effects, and excellent graphics. In addition, they also offer the ability to download and purchase games for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Their mobile games are available for both iOS and Android operating systems. In addition, they offer a free game of the day, a sale of $ 2.99, and games of $ 6.99. Check out Game House

Main Features:

  • Available for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.
  • Over 350 games hosted
  • High-quality games that can be played from the browser
  • Provides downloadable games at attractive prices

9. Game Spot


Game Spot is a fairly old name among online game providers. They have been on the Internet for about 16 years and say their motto is to entertain, inform, and connect players. They not only provide games, but their content includes views, reviews, and strategy guides before the game launches. So you can sign up on their website to take advantage of a plethora of features provided by them, including the latest versions of game software, patches, etc. Check out the GameSpot website

Main Features:

  • Game provider experiences
  • Provides game reviews and previews
  • Game guides available
  • Software updates provided, patches and fixes



Acid-Play is a gaming website With over 800 game titles to choose from and download from, it is one of the trusted game download sites on the market. All games listed on the Acid-Play website are reviewed and rated to give users an overview of the overall gaming experience before downloading and trying in the same way. Check out Acid-play website

In conclusion, Here is the list of the 10 best sites to download PC games for free. Did this list of websites help you find games that interest you?





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